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5 Shorts creators to watch from Arizona

For the month of March, we're taking a mini roadtrip across the United States to uncover creators from outside your typical cities to bring you those you should keep on your radar. Buckle up!

This entire month, we've taken you on a road trip across North America to showcase Shorts creators that help us build diverse and unique communities on YouTube. We've hit up Texas, Florida, Utah — and now, for our final stop on this month's series, we're headed to Arizona to bring you five more creators to keep on your radar.

Pink Shirt Couple

Waddell, AZ

Pink Shirt Couple is a channel that posts about their relationship aiming to bring joy and make people laugh. In their words, the duo are a young, positive and energetic couple. And yep, they really do wear the same outfit everyday. Their efforts have led up to more than 8 million subscribers on their channel, with significant growth in just the last few months — adding 3 million subscribers by focusing on YouTube content.


Phoenix, Arizona

Jaden Sprinz is a 25-year-old content creator who's been making content for more than five years. He loves to constantly learn and grow while creating videos that put a smile on people’s faces. His channel features him as the main character, where Jaden does a variety of lifestyle and comedy. His main feature is his unique canine teeth which are naturally shaped like vampire teeth, which he uses as inspiration for videos.

Buddy the Rat

Scottsdale, AZ

Jonothon Lyons of Buddy the Rat is a theater artist, mask and puppet builder, and street performer originally from Arizona and currently living in New York City. His street performance as Buddy the Rat is designed to travel and appear in different locations and at different events. "It’s an attention grabbing, positive and engaging example of work that an independent artist like myself is able to grow into a sustainable business through a platform like YouTube," he says.

Buddy the Rat connects with millions of fans through a character and a style that wouldn’t normally be picked up by mainstream entertainment platforms. It’s a great expression of why YouTube is important for creators.

Kyan Palmer

Phoenix, Arizona

Originally from Arizona and having done a number of years in New York City, songwriter and artist Kyan Palmer has been a viral sensation in music in the last few years. With a knack for witty lyrics and a sensibility for melodies that keep every listener engaged and excited, Palmer encapsulates what every great writer in pop music should. Cuts coming from artists such as SEVENTEEN, CL, Enhypen and more on the way from Doja Cat, 24kGoldn, Rence and Rachel Platten.

Austin Sprinz

Phoenix, Arizona

Austin Sprinz loves to film lifestyle content, with the goal to inspire people to travel or explore their creativity. He has been making videos on YouTube for almost a year and one of his biggest accomplishments on the platform is having a video with 500 million views!