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5 Shorts creators to watch from Utah

For the month of March, we're taking a mini roadtrip across the United States to uncover creators from outside your typical cities to bring you those you should keep on your radar. Buckle up!

Shorts creators come from all over, are able to build diverse and unique communities on YouTube, while having found success through a variety of strategies and niches. Through our YouTube Shorts Creator Community, we have had the pleasure of nurturing creators across North America.

Last week, we introduced you to 5 creators from Florida. Today, we're veering west towards Utah to bring you 5 more creators you should check out.


Salt Lake City, Utah

Kelly Kay of honeybobabear is a lifestyle influencer making videos about organization, DIY projects, shopping and more! The goal for her channel is to create a space where anyone can come to be inspired or motivated to become better versions of themselves. Follow along for more tips to get your life in order!

My Pawfect Family

Salt Lake City, Utah

Sahana — the creative behind My Pawfect Family — is a full-time college student who creates hair and beauty content. As a huge animal lover, she started creating content on rabbit care, which quickly evolved into beauty content. On her channel, you'll find videos where she opens up about her insecurities and shares quick, easy and affordable beauty hacks, many of which originate from India.

Having grown up seeing little representation of women who looked like her in the media, she uses her channel to highlight common South Asian beauty issues like hyperpigmentation, frizzy hair and dark spots.

Griffin Magleby

Provo, Utah

Griffin is a lifestyle, challenge, DIY and a self-described "all over the place" sort of creator. Griffin’s content shares everything from fun experiences to trying out different products and telling silly stories. While he says he is still experimenting and finding his voice, he’s had a lot of success in recent months by focusing on YouTube Shorts.

Although he started out as a longform creator, Griffin instantly fell in love with YouTube Shorts, where he discovered he could produce content so much faster all while managing a full time job. By posting Shorts once a week in April 2022, he hit 1,000 subs in July. Fast forward three months later, he hit 100K subs in October, and today he has more than 411k subscribers. With those kinds of numbers, Griffin now has pivoted from content creation on the weekends to making his channel his full-time work.

Sasha Sloan

Salt Lake City, Utah

Sasha Sloan is a student entrepreneur who was the 2021 recipient of the Miss Utah Scholarship and currently serves as a digital ambassador for the United Nations High Commission on Refugees. She has worked full-time to promote her social impact initiative of Refugees Welcome through online advocacy and received two national awards in recognition for her immigration advocacy.

On her YouTube channel, she focuses primarily on sharing YouTube Shorts showcasing her day-to-day life as an entrepreneur. With a passion for fantasy books and literature, one of her favorite types of videos to create are short “nerdy” explanation videos about Harry Potter or Disney or other fandom franchises that she loves. Thanks to the community that she’s built through social media, Sasha has been able to partner with brands like Warner Brothers, Marvel, Penguin Random House and Star Wars.


Sunset, Utah

Gagekrew is a driven artist,who creates content to share his art by showcasing everything from painting canvases to skateboards and MacBooks. Gage believes that you don’t need to have super expensive equipment to be a content creator. Making quality content with the relevant hashtags and titles enabled him to grow from 300 subscribers to 240K and counting.

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