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5 Shorts creators to watch from Florida

For the month of March, we're taking a mini roadtrip across the United States to uncover creators from outside your typical cities to bring you those you should keep on your radar. Buckle up!

Shorts creators come from all over, are able to build diverse and unique communities on YouTube, while having found success through a variety of strategies and niches. Through our YouTube Shorts Creator Community, we have had the pleasure of nurturing creators across North America.

Last week, we introduced you to 6 creators from the great state of Texas. We're heading farther south towards Florida to bring you 5 more creators you should check out.

Brodie That Dood

Boca Raton, Florida

Cliff Brush of Brodie That Dood is just a guy spreading joy with his giant, fluffy best friend. He is a lifelong Floridian and full time content creator, who turned a fun passion into a million dollar business. We recently caught up with him on how he made it past one million subscribers!


Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Rom Raviv makes short form content about money, business and luxury that people actually care about. He started his YouTube channel just eight months ago and has been able to garner over 680,000 subscribers while building an amazing community of people who are interested in how things work in the world of money.

Lindsey Jade

Miami, Florida

Lindsey Jade is a singer and songwriter who writes original songs and rewrites popular songs from other perspectives. Ever wondered what a Harry Styles song would sound like if it came out in the 80s, or the alternate perspective from Stephen Sanchez's "Until I Found You"? This is the channel for you!

She has achieved rapid growth on YouTube Shorts, having grown from about 70 subs to over 311K subs within the last four months!


Tampa, Florida

Timothy Hyunh of SoupTimmy runs a Rubik's cube channel that finds solutions to various, seemingly unsolvable puzzles. Using thousands of Rubik’s cubes to create art — coupled with storytelling to keep folks entertained — SoupTimmy has been creating videos on YouTube Shorts for nearly two years and has gained nearly 2 million subs in 365 days.

Megha Singh

Miami, Florida

Megha makes viral beauty videos, with many turning into global trends. She recently started a "normalize insecurities" series that has received more than millions of views, with some of the biggest creators like HudaBeauty having participated in the trend. In just a few months, Megha has soared over 62K subscribers — and the numbers keep growing!

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