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6 Shorts creators to watch from Texas

For the month of March, we're taking a mini roadtrip across the United States to uncover creators from outside your typical cities to bring you those you should keep on your radar. Buckle up!

Shorts creators come from all over, are able to build diverse and unique communities on YouTube, while having found success through a variety of strategies and niches. Through our YouTube Shorts Creator Community, we have had the pleasure of nurturing creators across North America.

For the month of March, we're taking a digital road trip across the United States to bring you Shorts creators to watch from cities outside your typical New York or Los Angeles. Check them out!

Wick’d Confections

Houston, Texas

As a baking content creator, Sonja Norwood of Wick’d Confections has taken her cookie decorating hobby and turned it into a profession, achieving milestones such as competing on Food Network's Christmas Cookie Challenge. With a knack for storytelling and an artist's eye, Sonja curates videos that are visually pleasing and encourage discourse.

Her creative approach to baking can be seen in the unique designs she creates with her cookies, and her videos help people learn more about baking and cookie decorating. Her videos clearly resonate with viewers, as she's also been featured in BuzzFeed Tasty and BuzzFeed Video.

The Beyerle Bunch

Dallas, Texas

The Beyerle bunch are a blended interracial family from two different cultures (🇿🇲 Zambia and America 🇺🇸) yet, speak the same love language. They want to keep their memories and those of their children as they get older and tag viewers along the ride. Their channel contains a variety of content such as family vlogs, challenges, sit down videos, pranks and a whole lot of family fun!


Houston, Texas

Eco-friendly, budget conscious, fashion tutorials! BlueprintDIY is all about upcycling clothes with a creative spin that can take your wardrobe to the next level! Learn how to remake (refashion) old clothes, make your clothes fit your size and style, thrift haul like a pro, and so much more. Every woman is different, so our clothes should be, too! I'm Angelina and together we can make clothes that fit our amazing personalities and sizes.

Carmen Q. Gollihar

Boerne, Texas

Come get your 80's and 90's nostalgia and relive some great times! Not from the 1900’s? Come learn about it! Carmen's channel is all about the cultures of yore — whether you're here to walk down memory lanes or teaching someone about a past time.

Her channel also features an original YouTube Soap Opera drama series set in the 1980's., ”Small Town Drama.” Grab some popcorn and enjoy her original characters and content!


College Station, Texas

Celine Tran of jellybeanceline is a full-time sociology Ph. D student and content creator who shares content to romanticize the little things in life — from everyday things to art and travel. She's managed to garner 84,000 subscribers on YouTube in less than a year!


Houston, Texas

Helicia Williams of iknowlee is a travel, fashion and natural hair creator who has been sharing her journey on YouTube for over a decade. Follow her for a unique perspective on all the finest things in life — whether it's a beauty gadget review, where to eat in Texas or tips on accessorizing your outfits.

Check back next week where we'll bring you more creators on our next stop: Florida.