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Looking back at the FIFA World Cup 2022™ on YouTube

From the qualifiers to the epic final, FIFA’s YouTube channel was the go-to place for historic and current World Cup content.

YouTube brought action from the FIFA World Cup 2022™ to screens of all sizes like never before. From live games to Shoppable Shorts and much more, fans from around the world tuned in to watch all the action and support their favorite team. In fact, YouTube viewers watched over 600 million hours of World Cup related content from historic World Cups and the 2022 Qatar edition on YouTube during the FIFA World Cup 2022™ (20th November — 19th December, 2022).

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From the qualifiers to the epic final, FIFA’s YouTube channel was the go-to place for historic and current World Cup content. The channel gained over 5 million subscribers during the tournament.

This year’s World Cup saw a tremendous amount of creator content, in addition to unmissable moments from the official FIFA channel and from broadcasters from over 130 markets. Creators like AboFlah, Ahmad Aburob, Carter Sharer and more documented their on the ground experiences.

For the first time ever, YouTube hosted 22 live games, in Brazil via a partnership with YouTube creator Casimiro and agency Live Mode. His newly created channel, CazeTV gained more than 5.5 million new subscribers during the FIFA World Cup 2022, and content from the channel was viewed more than 500 million times on YouTube.

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Also in a year of firsts, the final match was available live and in full both in Brazil and in MENA, via our partnerships with Casimiro and Live Mode and beIN Sports, respectively. While viewership was restricted to these regions, over 18 million estimated combined unique viewers from the beIN and Caze live streams watched the Argentina vs France FIFA World Cup 2022™ final on YouTube.

As we look back on the tournament, here are some unmissable moments:

1) Watch Messi’s crucial penalty in the World Cup final from a goalside camera shot

2) Richarlison’s magical bicycle kick goal for Brazil is definitely a must see

3) Was it the best World Cup ever? Watch this tournament recap video from FIFA and judge for yourself

4) The World Cup has always been a big moment for music lovers. Don’t miss watching the music video of Jung Kook (of BTS) featuring Fahad Al Kabaisi — "Dreamers":

YouTube creators have never failed to show their creativity during big moments such as the World Cup. Some notable ones to call out:

5) Are you a fan of Brazil, and also cookies? Lynn Yamada Davis got you covered with her tasty World Cup themed cooking recipes

6) The FAST FOOT crew had an exciting football challenge for World Cup fans