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10 unique highlights from the FIFA World Cup 2022™ as told by YouTube Shorts creators

See the FIFA World Cup 2022™ from the unique perspectives of 10 YouTube Shorts creators around the world.

We sent 10 YouTube Shorts creators from around the globe on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend the FIFA World Cup 2022™ to document their experience for fans at home!

With a combined reach of more than 90 million subscribers across the world, creators Deestroying, Jesser, Cheeky Boyos, Noor Stars and Rima shared their experiences from the group stage and creators Carter Sharer, Lizzy Capri, Ahmad Aburob, AboFlah and Saba7o Korah followed up when they arrived for the semi-finals and finals. Their on-the-ground experiences can be found exclusively on Shorts, and it’s World Cup coverage like you’ve never seen before!

We’ve highlighted some fun content from each of these 10 creators but be sure to check out #ShortsFIFAWorldCup for more exciting content from these creators and many more at the World Cup.

Jesser: Would do anything to get on the Jumbotron

Ever wonder how hard it is to get on the Jumbotron at a globally-broadcasted game? Jesser shows you how.

Deestroying: Brought his parents to the World Cup to cheer on their home team Costa Rica

The World Cup brings together communities from around the world, and here’s a look at what it’s like to be part of the Costa Rican clan.

Noor Stars: World Cup “Fashion Edition”

Top MENA creator Noor Stars gives us a perspective of her time (and fits) in Qatar during the big game.

Rima Osta: Shared her experience at the opening ceremony

What an amazing view!

Cheeky Boyos: Got up close with the most famous player at the FIFA World Cup

Which player would you most like to meet if you had the chance to attend the World Cup?

Saba7o Korah: Gave fans a sneak peek into his exclusive experience of the FIFA World Cup

He couldn't get enough of that special YouTube Welcome!

Aboflah: Left it to fate on how to get to the World Cup

Swim to the World Cup, anyone?

Lizzy Capri: Took over Argentina’s locker room

Take a look at where our finalists have been prepping for the big game.

Carter Sharer: Built the world’s largest lego penalty shootout!

It’s harder to score than you think!

Ahmad Aburob: Found the least famous player in Doha

Watch Ahmed’s determined journey to get a selfie with the GOAT himself.