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15 rising stars on YouTube Shorts

As 2022 comes to a close, we're sending you off with 15 Shorts creators you need to check out.

2022 marked an amazing year of growth for many creators on YouTube Shorts. Through our YouTube Shorts Creator Community, we brought together creators across North America to connect, collaborate and learn from each other across a variety of virtual and in-person programming. We created a platform for creators to tell their stories through our Twitter Spaces Conversation series, hosted creator collab days to come together on fun trends, fostered connection among creators from the community across 10 US cities and led 30-day sprints on Shorts including our current December challenge #Shortsmas.

We can’t wait for what 2023 holds and are so proud of all our creators accomplished on YouTube Shorts! Without further ado, we’re excited to highlight 15 breakout creators on YouTube Shorts:

Marie Stella

Ontario, Canada

Marie Stella is a 24-year-old comedy skit content creator based in Toronto, Canada. She uses content creation as a way to tell a story creatively, while still keeping things comedic and relatable. She's mostly known for playing all the different characters, all through her props, wigs, her green screen and camera gear. These skits often display a variety of film and television tropes many of us have grown up with on screen.

Through her "One-Woman Production", she showcases her talents in acting, script writing, editing and sometimes even singing. With a comedic approach, her goal is to bring smiles and a little light into the world.


Woodbridge, New Jersey

Is0kenny is a 23-year-old full time musician and content creator who has been passionate about music since he was a child but started creating content seriously in 2018 after graduating high school. He started out with comedy skits and then used the traction he gained there to merge music into his content creation starting last year.

Kenny recently went viral for his song "Speak Up" which started out as a skit but he has now released a full music video for it on YouTube. "Speak Up" has been used in over 400K short-form videos across all platforms with major celebrities even joining in on the fun!

Katrina Buno

Woodland Hills, California

Kat is a 21-year-old creator who posts a variety of relatable entertainment content on YouTube including reaction videos, shorts, challenges and more! She has amassed over 900 million views and 3.3 million followers on her channel since March 2022! She loves collecting stuffed animals, eating food and wearing makeup — all of which are things she likes to incorporate into both her long- and short-form content. She also includes her boyfriend Zhong and sometimes family members in her videos!


Tampa, Florida

Timmy is a SpeedCuber from Tampa, Florida who gained 1 million subscribers in under a year on YouTube. He is a Rubik’s cube artist who uses thousands of cubes and likes to solve interesting puzzles. Timmy has been speedcubing for six years, and has been doing it on social media for almost three years.

My Pawfect Family

Salt Lake City, Utah

Sahana (also known as My Pawfect Family) is a full-time college student who creates hair and beauty content. As a huge animal lover, she started creating content on rabbit care, which quickly evolved into beauty content. She is open about her insecurities and shares quick, easy and affordable beauty hacks, many of which originate from India.

Having grown up seeing little representation of women who looked like her in the media, she uses her channel to highlight common South Asian beauty issues like hyperpigmentation, frizzy hair and dark spots.

Rami Zein

Los Angeles, California

From homeless youth to social media star, Rami Zein is a multifaceted creator who always had a love for entertainment. Rami started his social media journey in 2019 while pursuing a BFA in acting for Film and TV and a BA in Marketing at Pace University in New York City. Leveraging his free time during the pandemic, he rose to social media fame by sharing comedic stories of his childhood and cooking some of the world’s spiciest dishes.

Through his hilarious reactions and creative recipes, Rami has been able to cultivate a global audience who share his love for heat. Taking what he learned from working with some of the top companies in the world, Rami was able to successfully launch his own hot sauce company — Spice of Ra — and is now partnering with Resort World Las Vegas to bring the heat to life by introducing the “Rami Roll,” a 21M+ Scoville unit sushi roll that is now featured on the KazuNori menu!

Wendy Skin

Los Angeles, California

Wendy is a Los Angeles-based Gen Z beauty and skincare content creator with a unique perspective. Ranging from bleaching her eyebrows to dyeing her hair blue, Wendy takes her audience along for an exciting ride. She also shares her exhilarating life and travels around the world with her subscribers in a way that inspires and keeps them on their toes for her next Short!

Triple Charm

Orlando, Florida

Triple Charm is made up of three incredible sisters: Amalia, Rayna, Gabriella. Together, they join hands to make family friendly content. The sisters, whose ages range from 13 to 18, are talented in not only singing but also dancing, comedy and challenges. Doing what they love as a family has been a success for them, as their channel now boasts nearly 3 million subscribers.

Shelby Young

Los Angeles, California

Shelby Young is a Los Angeles-based actor with an extensive background in voice over, voice-matching, motion capture and on-camera. She's taken those VO skills and brought them to the world of social media, where she makes fun and unique YouTube Shorts showcasing her talents. Whether it's her viral "Disney Characters Morphing into Different Disney Characters" series, where Shelby transitions between multiple voices while explaining to the viewer how to sound like their favorite Disney heroine, her impressive and comedic "Siri" videos, or Shorts where Shelby takes viral sounds and turns them into impression showcases, Shelby always finds ways to entertain and get her subscribers excited about the world of voice over!

Spencer Barbosa

Toronto, Canada

Imagine you posted every thought that came to mind, used the internet as your digital diary and looked to story times were your therapy. That's Spencer’s account in a nutshell. She posts her raw, authentic self and speaks to her audience as if you're talking to your bestie. Spencer discusses everything from body image to boy problems to friendships and fashion. She has spent the last two years online building a community or what she would call “friend group” of more than 10 million followers across all platforms.

Kiana Bonollo

Raleigh, North Carolina

Kiana Bonollo is a full-time fashion and sewing content creator. Although she didn’t start creating content until 2020, she quickly gained a following because of her love for sharing her sewing knowledge and experience. Since then, she has expanded her content to fashion styling, diy nails, and beauty. One of her favorite types of videos to create are “get ready with me” styling videos! She is a graduate of North Carolina State University where she earned a B.S. in Fashion and Textile Design and a minor in Entrepreneurship. Kiana also sells digital sewing patterns for many of her fashion designs on Etsy (KianaBonolloDesigns) so her followers can create her designs, as well.

Fritz Proctor

Boston, Massachusetts

Fritz Proctor is a 25 -year-old American painter. Fritz is best known for his “color-matching” videos, where he takes color swatches and everyday objects and attempts to recreate the color he sees using paint. His videos entertain, inspire and educate millions of people around the world on the possibilities of art.

Evelyn Gonzalez

Los Angeles, California

Evelyn is a Los Angeles-based actress of Mexican descent whose mission to spread laughs and smiles. She makes fun relatable comedy sketches that are able to bring joy to her audience of over 600K subscribers. She is also known for her viral "Sweat Series" where teaches various characters a lesson in a comedic manner.

Peet Montzingo

Los Angeles, California

Peet Montingo is best known for his comedy videos, often involving his mom and much of it has centered around what it is like to grow up in a family of little people. Peet has a mix of short and long form content on his channel and switches between comedy, challenges, pranks, storytelling and covering songs and creating music!

Peet is an active member of our Shorts Community attending multiple events and premieres and is loved by the creator community for his outgoing personality. His Mom has also attended events with him as she is the star in a majority of Peet’s content. Most recently, Peet released his first children's book, which contains embedded YouTube videos throughout so readers can see their story come to life!

Young Couture

Los Angeles, California

Young Couture, also known as Marjan, is a creator of many talents. Beauty, skincare, hair — you name it, she creates it. She has been passionate about YouTube and teaching people new ways to do their makeup and encouraging them to try new makeup challenges. That is why she is the go to creator for tips, tricks, hacks and anything that helps her audience’s lives easier!