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YouTube Creator Sese Meslayy in Freddy Kreuger makeup

Halloween is here, and this year it’s Moody on YouTube Shorts!

A list of our favorite Halloween Mood shorts and how you can recreate your own this spooky season.

We’ve all seen transformation videos, but this year things are spicing up for Halloween on Shorts! 🎃

Halloween Mood is an emerging trend on Shorts, and it’s no surprise that we’re seeing a lot of Halloween content during this time of year. Creators participate by showing themselves (or an item) in its normal state, then when the beat drops to the song “Zombie Rave,” the creator or object transforms into a Halloween Mood or aesthetic. The trend is inclusive, and transformations have involved costumes, makeup, food, decorations and even pets!

Here are some of our favorites and why we love them.

Sese Meslayy: Horror Mood! 😈

Why this works: Sese’s transformation is bold, visceral and moody! Not only did she reveal incredible Freddy Kreuger makeup, she also included flashing red lights to drive the theme forward. We all know that horror movies are scary and lighting is an easy way to enhance the fear factor. By adding this special effect, Sese took her transformation to the next level! ✨

Tip: Test out filters and special effects when editing Shorts, it’s an easy way to change the aesthetic of your video to make it more visually appealing!

Ava Kolker: Detail, detail, detail!

Why this works: The creator hones in on her face to showcase the makeup, then suddenly zooms out to show the matching skeleton costume! Including both angles in her video makes the before and after even more dramatic — and thus super intriguing to watch! 🦴

Tip: Play with camera angles! Position your phone in various places to highlight different angles in every shot. Zoom in on small details then pull back to show a fuller look. Adding dimension to your shots can give viewers a full picture and enhance whatever you’re filming! 📸

Twinelle: DIY for the win!

Why this works: Twinelle’s video is engaging because she shows the step by step process of building her Halloween costume and that makes viewers curious! She uses a compilation of footage that shows the process of cutting and stitching fabric, all leading up to the big reveal. Her transition is fantastic because not only is the costume amazing, but also because she uses dark moody lighting as a stark contrast to her original footage! All of this together makes for a fun video to watch. 🪡

Tip: Use different footage and splice it together! By putting together different shots you can speed up the pace of your video and cram many visuals into one. This can help tell a cohesive story and take your viewers on a journey to the final product. The reward for following along with a DIY project? We got to see the amazing result at the end!

What next?

Well, it’s time to join in! Give us your take on #HalloweenMood on Shorts and use the song “Zombie Rave” by Mophonics. Join in with your friends and don’t forget to tag #HalloweenMood when you post!