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Meet 10 creators shaping the YouTube Shorts community

From comedy to baking to music, these Shorts creators are sharing their personal passions with audiences around the world.

Community has always been at the heart of YouTube and this year, we’ve seen many Shorts creators join hands to build community by sharing ideas, fostering collaborative relationships and supporting each other. And making that strong community for these creators goes beyond collaborations on-platform.

That’s why last month we surprised 10 YouTube Shorts creators from across the United States with YouTube Shorts parties so they and fellow creators in their cities could come together locally to inspire a sense of community and togetherness across Chicago, Boston, New York City, Charlotte, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix and San Francisco.

From comedy to baking to music, these Shorts creators are sharing their personal passions with audiences around the world, and we're spotlighting the 10 creators who are shaping the YouTube Shorts community in their cities.

YouTube Creator Marina Mogilko

Marina Mogilko

Hailing from Russia, Marina is a creator and an entrepreneur who moved to Silicon Valley to attend graduate school. Marina started her YouTube channel as an avenue to document her journey in the United States and help others learn new skills. A true chameleon, Marina runs four YouTube channels in two different languages: Linguamarina (a channel about English), Silicon Valley Girl (a channel about living in — where else? —Silicon Valley), English with LinguaTrip! and Marina Mogilko.

YouTube Creator Charles Brockman III

Charles Brockman III (theOnlyCB3)

Charles began posting Shorts on his YouTube channel in February and has already quickly grown on the platform to have more than 2.2 million subscribers. He's recently created, produced and starred in a new short film and is truly enjoying life as a full time content creator, traveling across the country to connect with fellow creators at different YouTube and social events.

YouTube Creator Vanessa


Vanessa is a social media content creator who loves to experiment with various fashion aesthetics. Vanessa channels her creativity through self-shot photos and style videos. She’s a passionate creator who likes to put a twist on current trends and make them her own.

YouTube Creator Nicolas Roman

Nicolas Roman

Nicolas Roman is a comedian and proud advocate for people like him with Alopecia — a condition that causes partial or total hair loss. Nicolas’ main goal in life is to show everyone to take themselves less seriously and that your greatest insecurity can easily become your greatest strength.

You may have seen his advocacy in Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk, LADBible, CAP Kids, NAAF and of course, in his own Alopecia organization, The Naked Confidence Campaign.

YouTube Creator Logan Alexandra

Logan Alexandra

Logan is a 23 year-old singer-songwriter who uses her musical talents to make entertaining YouTube Shorts. With hard work and persistence, Logan has garnered more than 334K subscribers on YouTube. With singing comedy videos like “Every Choir Has These (pt. 2)” hitting 16 million views, she’s been able to release her original songs to a wider audience. Logan’s songs could easily go head to head with today’s top hits. She’s a force to be reckoned with and you should expect to hear more of her very soon!

YouTube Creator Howieazy


Howieazy’s chaotic mind turns his everyday thoughts and ideas into bite-sized comedic Shorts for millions to enjoy on YouTube! His channel now boasts a whopping 3.4 million subscribers. Read more about this journey here.

YouTube Creator Deborah Ruiz

Deborah Ruiz

Deborah Ruiz is a Cuban American beauty creator based in Miami. She has nearly 1 million followers across YouTube and other platforms by sharing a multitude of makeup looks, tips, advice and hacks.

YouTube Creator Robert Lucas also known as the Sweet Impact

Sweet Impact

Robert Lucas, also known as the Sweet Impact, is a self-taught cake artist and baker. He is known for his fantastical artistry, modeling cakes after pop culture icons — think Nike Air Jordan, Beauty and the Beast, Space Jam and more!

YouTube Creators Marlo and Ingrid


o.sister.o.sister is a fashion account created by sisters Marlo and Ingrid. They occasionally feature other family members (Hi mom!) to participate in fashion challenges.

Their most impressive series thus far is the Styled 3 Ways Style Challenges: They take one item of clothing and style it three different ways across three different generations! Their videos reach millions, inspiring people to approach their closets with a creative mindset and encouraging families and friends to style together.

YouTube Creator Michael Chen also known as McPlayGT


McPlayGT, also known as Michael Chen, has been on Shorts for about six months now and is already well on his way to more than half a million subscribers. Some of his most popular videos are pranks starring his mom, as well as challenge videos!

Stay tuned for our next batch of featured Shorts creators!