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BTS Unveil Global #MyBTStory Challenge Exclusively on YouTube Shorts

ARMY and music fans everywhere can participate in the challenge by creating and sharing their best BTS memories with hashtag #MyBTStory on YouTube Shorts starting this weekend on June 10 through July 9.

From the start, BTS’ career has been filled with countless unforgettable moments. In celebration of their new album Proof dropping this Friday (June 10), BTS are inviting ARMY and music fans everywhere to join them in commemorating incredible moments like this and more with the #MyBTStory challenge.

In a letter ARMY shared earlier today and below, BTS expressed their appreciation of ARMY’s unwavering support over the past nine years and asked them to share their favorite memories from that time on YouTube Shorts using the hashtag #MyBTStory. Soundtracked to “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)” or any of BTS’ hit songs, the Shorts created as part of this month-long challenge will honor the one of a kind connection that BTS have built with ARMY and music fans around the world.

BTS Letter

From learning choreographed dances, to buying concert tickets and collectibles, to tuning in for record setting music video Premieres and live streamed events, ARMY has been part of the band's success every step of the way. In appreciation of this incredible dedication, #MyBTStory will culminate with BTS releasing an ARMY tribute video on their Official YouTube Channel featuring a selection of the Shorts created during the challenge.*

BTS Schedule

Over the course of their career, BTS have amassed over 66 million subscribers on their Official YouTube Channel, making them the third most-subscribed to artist on the platform and have earned six music videos in our Billion Views Club to date. The record setting group owns 5 of the top 10 biggest 24-hour music video debuts of all time on YouTube including the #1 slot for “Butter” which amassed 108.2 million views in its first 24 hours and saw over 3.9 million peak concurrent views during its Premiere. Over the last 12 months alone, the band has earned over 14 billion views globally on the platform.

Ahead of the #MyBTStory challenge launch, BTS are giving ARMY another chance to come together on YouTube. On June 10 at 12 AM ET | 1 PM KST, the band will Premiere the official music video for lead single “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)” off of their anthology album Proof, which will surely become another unforgettable moment for BTS and ARMY.

The #MyBTStory challenge in partnership with YouTube begins on June 10 through July 9. Start preparing your BTS memories now to share with the band and the world starting this weekend, only on YouTube Shorts!

*Your favorite BTS memory might be selected by BTS for possible inclusion in the Army tribute video. Posting a Short does not guarantee selection.