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Release Notes: Inspiring creation with YouTube Shorts

In the third installment of Release Notes with Rene and Johanna, we’re talking YouTube Shorts.

Our third Release Notes installment is here, and today we’re talking about Shorts! I sat down with YouTube’s Chief Product Officer Johanna Voolich to talk about the broader opportunity for Shorts, some of her favorite creators, and get a sneak peek at what’s coming soon.

YouTube Shorts is all about breaking down barriers to creation and making it fun and easy to share your voice, whether you're a seasoned creator or just starting out. We want to inspire creation and introduce tools that make it easy on Shorts.

Here are six new tools that are coming soon:

YouTube Shorts video editing tool to cut on demand, longform videos into Shorts

1. Auto layout helps you transform longer videos to Shorts

Last year, we launched tools to help you turn your regular videos into Shorts. Now, we're making them even better! Soon, you'll be able to use Auto layout on Android, which automatically tracks the main subject in your video as you're turning it into a Short. That means when you’re remixing long form videos into Shorts, the Auto layout tool will automatically and dynamically pan, zoom, & crop to make sure your Shorts look great.

Text to speech YouTube Shorts narration being added to a video

2. Narrate your text

With Text to Speech, creators will have even more ways to express themselves by having text on your Short narrated or spoken out loud. After you record a Short, add your text and tap the “Add voice” icon in the top left where you can find four voices to choose from.

Add Yours interactive sticker on YouTube Shorts

3. Join the community convo with the “Add yours” sticker

Showing off the latest trick you taught your dog? Creators can now include an “Add yours” sticker to their Shorts to inspire your audience with their own related content, sparking a chain reaction of adorable content! We’re rolling this out gradually over the next few weeks.


4. Craft your Shorts with new Minecraft effects

To help celebrate Minecraft’s 15th anniversary, we have two new effects in Shorts that we’ve recently launched. Minecraft Spring transports you right into the world of Minecraft, and Minecraft Rush is a new mini game you can play right in the Shorts player! Tap to clear all the blocks as fast as you can, record your attempt, and compete with your friends to see who comes out on top.

Automatic captions displayed on a YouTube Shorts video

5. Add and edit stylized captions

Soon, you’ll be able to add auto-generated captions directly on your content to help your Shorts be more fun, engaging, accessible, and helpful for people watching on mute. Edit, customize, and style your captions with different fonts and colors to let your Shorts shine!

YouTube Shorts new Remix a Remix tool

6. Remix a Remix (a Remix)

We’ve rolled out a handful of remixing tools already, and we most recently launched the option to remix a remix! Whether you’re participating in a dance trend or keeping a musical chain going, remixing a remix lets you join in on the fun with other creators while putting your own spin on remixed content.

Check out my full conversation with Johanna about Shorts below!