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It’s Time for the Remix

How to remix your favorite music videos on Shorts

Last fall, we shared all the latest ways to get creative on Shorts including new remixing tools like Collab and fun effects. Today, we’re helping you take it to a whole new level with the ability to remix a music video on Shorts, unlocking even more ways to connect and get creative with your favorite artists and their music on YouTube.

Picture this… it's Friday morning and you wake up with a surprise new track from your favorite artist, Maggie Rogers! That Sunday, you're watching the big game with your friends and all of a sudden, Beyoncé drops two new tracks from her forthcoming album, TEXAS HOLD ‘EM and 16 CARRIAGES. Fast forward a few days and newly minted GRAMMY® winner KAROL G drops Contigo, a love anthem featuring Tiesto just in time for Valentine’s Day. In every case, what is the first thing you do?? Immediately open the YouTube app to watch the official music videos, visualizers, and Shorts!

But it’s not enough to just watch the video – you want to join in on the building hype around the songs and be part of these music movements. And with remixing on YouTube Shorts, now you can, right from the start.

Here’s how: Directly from the video on YouTube, tap “Remix” to choose from four options to remix: Sound, Green Screen, Cut and Collab. Pick one or try them all in different Shorts - the creative possibilities are endless:

  • Sound: Take just the sound from the video and use it in your Short, making a perfect soundtrack for your upcoming trip to Nashville that happens to be this weekend.
  • Collab: Create a Short right alongside the video, so you and your friends can do the choreography side-by-side with the artist.
  • Green Screen: Use the video as the background to your Short, so you can film your realtime reaction to your very first listen.
  • Cut: Can’t get over a specific scene from a music video? Cut that 5 second clip and add it to your Short so you can relive it as often as you like.

What makes this so unique? On YouTube, you can watch the music video on repeat, check out other Shorts that have been created from the same song by fellow fans, and discover deep catalog cuts from your favorite artists and relive those moments by remixing them as your own. All of that can happen in one place and it’s ONLY on YouTube!