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Taking a scent-sational whiff with fragrance enthusiasts on YouTube

Are you looking to try a new perfume or cologne, but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, fragrance enthusiasts on YouTube are here to take you on a scent-sory journey.

Every fragrance tells a story and this community of creators brings you through every note, from start to finish. They share their personal experiences and thoughts on the various components that make up a scent, how long it lasts, and what occasion it’s best for. Once you’re ready to use a new fragrance, they also provide tips for spraying that maximize your new aroma in the best way.

There have been more than 770 million views of videos related to fragrance in the past 90 days.

These passionate creators love sharing their expertise with viewers — and it seems the feeling is mutual: There have been more than 770 million views of videos related to fragrance in the past 90 days¹.

Today, we’re celebrating this community with a special YouTube logo (known as a Yoodle). And we’re not the only ones celebrating fragrance enthusiasts — today is also the annual Fragrance Foundation Awards, which celebrate outstanding achievements across the global fragrance industry.

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But you’re probably wondering… since scratch-and-sniff isn’t a feature on YouTube (yet), how can you really smell anything through videos?

These creators bring scent through your screen by describing the feelings and moods elicited by specific fragrances. They can help you find a fresh and clean perfume that reminds you of being near a waterfall, or a cologne that feels like a “burst of confidence in a bottle,” or a scent that smells like the most delicious snack. They even have recommendations to help you feel like a famous celebrity. Whatever the mood, they’ve got you covered.

And with their help, you might even be able to find a fragrance that brings you to tears.

We scents you want more, so head over to our playlist to take a whiff.

1. Source: YouTube data, Global, March 1 - May 27, 2024.

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