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The grandiose world of Miniatures on YouTube

Creators are turning small-scale items into mesmerizing works of art.

In 2013, ‘Tiny Hamster Eating Tiny Burritos’ — the video that captured the joy of creating a mini restaurant experience for a pet — went viral. Ten years later, the miniatures community continues to delight us with an ever-growing range of tiny creations. Artists from around the globe craft both fantastical and real-world subjects in intricate detail and at astonishingly small dimensions.

In honor of Tiny Hamster’s 10th anniversary, we’re celebrating the Miniatures community and its achievements with a special takeover of YouTube’s logo (known as a Yoodle). Click through to watch the many creators that build these small worlds, as well as an original video that showcases these works of art with YouTube’s first-ever Museum of Miniatures. YouTube creator Cath, from the channel The Square to Spare, will be your guide through dioramas, tiny food, figurines and miniature transportation.

In addition to fantastical scenes, miniaturists are also using their videos to bring their cultures to the world. From mini Japanese pottery to fun-size Mexican kitchens, several channels have tapped into their own customs and traditions with their creations.

Through oddly satisfying and nostalgic constructions, the miniatures community is constantly producing new, immersive worlds online. What would you like them to miniaturize next?