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YouTube Creator 24kGoldn

YouTube Music debuts 24kGoldn’s Artist on the Rise documentary

Watch the chart-topping artist's mini doc on 24kGoldn’s official YouTube channel.

Today, YouTube Music is premiering a new, original mini documentary with chart-topping rapper, singer and songwriter and YouTube Artist on the Rise, 24kGoldn, on 24kGoldn’s official YouTube channel. The five-minute short film follows the San Francisco, genre-bending artist as he talks about the moment that changed his career forever and the impact his sudden rise to fame has had on his life.

Fear is all in your mind. It’s as real as you allow it to be. If you fill your mind with fear, you have no space for the blessings that the world is willing to grant you.”

— 24kGoldn

The colorful documentary -- with video game animation cutaways -- takes viewers back to 24kGoldn’s fateful visit to San Francisco streetwear shop, Dream Team SF, where he first met PAYPA_BOY and knew his dreams of becoming an artist could be a reality. 24kGoldn continues on in the personal documentary to discuss the trials and tribulations of his sudden rise to fame, the internalization of the “evil version of Goldn,” and the important role his family plays in keeping him grounded.

More about 24kGoldn

Ahead of the release of his debut album “El Dorado'' in March, 24kGoldn had already built a massive following for his music with hits like “Valentino” and “Mood,” which has a combined 415 million views across official and fan uploads, and charted in over 35 markets. The San Francisco-born artist has racked up over 740 million views, globally, across the platform in the last 12 months alone.

24kGoldn is embarking on the ‘El Dorado Tour’ this fall across North America. Tickets are available here. To give fans an inside look at his music, YouTube also sat down with 24kGoldn for a Q&A about his sources of inspiration and more.