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Here are the UK #YouTubeBlack Voices creator class of 2023

The YouTube Black Voices creator class of 2023 is here!

Please meet the incredible UK #YouTubeBlack Voices Creator Class of 2023. We can’t wait to see all of the amazing things that they’ll achieve next year! 🚀


Amri Celeste

Amri Celeste is an experienced Interview Coach and HR Recruitment specialist. She uses her channel as a space to connect with anyone struggling with answering Interview Questions, Interview Anxiety, Confidence and negotiating the best salaries. She has conducted over 4500 interviews in her career and uses the experience gained over the last 11 years to level the playing field for those struggling.

Ayotola Adeoye

Ayotola Adeoye, also known as Adunni, is a fashion entrepreneur, content creator and business management (MSc) student, based in London. Ayotola is the Creator of ‘Sew Unique by Adunni’; a brand she started back in 2016. Ayotola started her channel, ‘Sew Unique by Adunni’ in April 2020 during the pandemic lockdown; while it was a hard time for most, she was able to maximise the opportunity, carve a niche for herself and use the platform to educate. Ayotola is passionate about teaching and empowering others with the skills and knowledge required to be a dressmaker and pattern drafter.

In her spare time, she loves travelling, learning, hanging out with friends and going to the theatre. She aims for continuous improvement and plans to enrol in a fashion course at Central Saint Martins, before proceeding to expand her business. She is confident that the knowledge acquired during the course of her business management degree, the experience gleaned and the skills she will acquire in fashion school will equip her in building a notable brand.


Cocktails and Takeaways

Cocktails and Takeaways is a channel created by podcast host and online personality, Madame Joyce. Passionate about laughter and connecting with others, Madame Joyce enjoys sharing her experiences and encouraging true authenticity of all of her subscribers. Her videos inspire the belief that life is not for taking too seriously.

Dean Leander

Dean has turned his passion for collecting Pokemon Cards into a blossoming YouTube channel dedicated to entertaining gaming fans around the world. Dean has been creating YouTube videos on Pokemon card openings for just over a year and has already built an incredible online community of Pokemon enthusiasts. Dean travels the world on his channel, meeting interesting people and collecting the rarest cards possible. His drive for creation comes from his love of making people laugh and keeping his following continually entertained.

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Debbie Crown

Debbie is a multi-disciplinary creative who has fostered partnerships with a variety of fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. Her growing following has earned her 197,000 subscribers and 30,000 Instagram followers. With over 8 years of creating content, Debbie has become a unique voice within an underground culture that embraces body positivity, fashion, beauty and motherhood.

Dr Jude

Obi Jude aka Dr Jude is a Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgeon born and raised in London. He created his YouTube channel to share his journey to becoming a surgeon. He used cinematic style videos to inspire and discuss challenges to building a career in healthcare. His training took him to the United States, Canada, across Europe and back to London. He used his story to inspire and widen participation in medicine and healthcare. He aims to help us live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.


Ehiz Ufuah

Ehiz is an actor, presenter and content creator based between London and LA. Predominantly known for comedy and reaction videos and most of all, his animated facial expressions, Ehiz is fuelled by his passion for production, content and stories. Ehiz creates authentic videos based on his own life experiences, documenting everything from ‘fashion fails’ to heartwarming and engaging story times. Ehiz’s dream is to break into Hollywood, inspiring all of his young following — but particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, who typically may not feel that opportunities are freely available to them.

Eastway Electrical

Eastway Electrical are electricians based in London, specialising in vlogs and podcasts centered around day to day life as a sparky in the capital. Owner and Head Electrician, Delroy James, founded Eastway Electrical in 1998 and hasn’t looked back. Delroy was born in Jamaica and moved to the UK as a boy. He started his career as an electrician in the 1970s working on building sites around the capital.

Delroy (also known as Delroy The Spark) has grown a social media following in recent years and has become known nationwide for his knack of rectifying bad work in a cool, calm manner.

Black Pantera


GadgetsBoy is one of the UK’s leading tech content creators and presenters with more than a decade of experience in the tech industry. He’s worked with big brands such as Formula E, BMW group, Samsung and when he’s not reviewing tech and cars on his YouTube channel, he can sometimes be found on Channel 5 Million Pound Motorhomes or Steph’s Packed Lunch talking tech.

Harry Pinero

With a comedic and presenting style that has been described as observational, dry and conversational, Peckham’s Harry Pinero has emerged as a young and vital voice to play close attention to. At present, boasting nearly 3M combined followers and subscribers across YouTube (460k), Twitter (257k), Snapchat (121k), Tik Tok (1.1m) and Instagram (1.1m). The path he’s fashioned for himself to become one of the UK’s most compelling voices has been nothing short of inspirational. Struggling to enjoy simple things such as going on holiday with friends due to not earning enough, Pinero was determined to attain more for himself. Quickly becoming dissatisfied with having a boss and getting paid twelve times a year, Harry decided to take control of his own destiny. “I had to believe that I had something to give to the world and I’d be a fool to hide this because of fear of the unknown”, he says.


Harvey Newman

A YouTuber by day and Games Developer at night, throughout his career Harvey has worked in many AAA studios such as Crytek, Lionhead, Creative Assembly, Axis, DICE and Build a Rocket Boy. He has helped to ship many award-winning titles from different leadership positions — titles which include Battlefield V, Horizon Zero Dawn, Fable Legends, Star Wars Battlefront, Crysis 3, GoldenEye Reloaded and more. Harvey is also an avid YouTuber where he shares his passion for animation weekly.

Jesse Chuku

Jesse has been entertaining people his entire life, from playing pro basketball around the world to producing comedy videos on social media. His YouTube career took off shortly after the first lockdown, where he taught himself how to edit videos via tutorials on YouTube and started making sketches primarily inspired by his life experiences living and travelling across the globe.



Lorraine is an Emotional Wellness Coach, Faithful dreamer, Visionary and Wellness Influencer. Lorraine’s channel, ‘LORRILUXXE’ depicts her personal journey of living a soft, intentional life while seeking more ways to elevate from the inside out. Sharing strategies and tips acquired from experience and clinical skills, Lorraine helps women to become the best version of themselves while feeling confident and looking fabulous.

Make it Common

Make It Common is a start-up online platform serving black and ethnic minority voices since 2020. Made for and by the community, the channel aims to promote honest and open conversations by releasing original content every week. These being the flagship series “Bridge The Gap" and more recent format series "Have You Ever" & "Just Seen A". “We believe in the beauty and power of harnessing diversity - not simply in race, ethnicity, faith or sexuality - but more so in how we think” say the channel’s founders.


Mz Dru TV

Mz Dru is a burst of energy and light that cannot be contained. Being a British born Ghanaian she has always had a connection with the motherland. During Covid19, Mz Dru was able to turn the negative of being stuck in Ghana and unable to travel, into a positive when she decided to take her YouTube channel seriously and use that opportunity to showcase the beautiful hidden gems in her country for the world to see. Her aim is to be the first black female on YouTube to tell the “true African story through culture, hidden gems, lifestyle, food and more in each country she visits”. Mz Dru is very passionate about young people and at any given chance motivates, inspires and empowers them through her life experiences, her ups and downs and learning curves. She constantly encourages others through her videos to chase their dreams, whilst living their best lives.

Nubuke Amoah

Nubuke is a fun and wacky adventurer who uses her YouTube channel to document her life and explore the world of travel and “adulting.” Nubuke’s videos are a warm hug on a rainy day, sharing her day-to-day experiences through vlogs, sit-down chats and quirky games to remind viewers to smile, love fiercely and above all, to be themselves.


Odunayo Ojo

Odunayo Ojo is an established fashion journalist who has written for publications such as System Magazine, GQ, The Business of Fashion and more. He has been mentioned as a "fashion critic for a new generation" in a Vogue Business feature. He brings this expertise to his YouTube channel, ‘The Fashion Archive’, where he analyses fashion runway shows, breaks down red carpet looks and talks about fashion history.

Onyi Moss

Onyi Moss is a British Nigerian filmmaker and singer-songwriter based in Manchester, UK. Growing up in Nigeria when she did, there wasn’t much room for artists to thrive which is why she made the calculated decision to study Accounting. Upon completion of her degree and gaining relevant work experience, Onyi moved to the UK on her 22nd birthday to pursue a career in finance where she qualified as a chartered accountant and went on to work in finance, that is, until she rediscovered her passion for creativity. She has since established herself as a powerhouse creative and won multiple awards to that effect for her unique perspective on storytelling using visually appealing imagery.


Oyinkansola Femi-Oyewole

Oyinkan is a Nigerian medical doctor and content creator currently living in the UK. A fan of everything beauty and lifestyle related; Oyinkan’s channel ‘Dr Hunnay’ creates content on a range of topics- from hair to makeup and fashion. Oyinkan is passionate about sharing her story, life experiences and journey through life on YouTube- making sure to inspire, educate and entertain her subscribers. Finding joy in creating content and storytelling, Oyinkan feels passionate about doing what she loves, while making an impact in her little corner of the internet.

Raven Navera

Raven is a Saint Lucian-born, London-based Content Creator & the founder of Navera Consulting. Raven inspires her audience with documentary-style informative travel & lifestyle vlogs and captivating photography. Her content tells a story and engages the emotions of the viewer. Raven enjoys capturing moments when fully immersed in the beauty of a new place or feeling the connection with new people.


Rootz TV

Since its existence, Rootz TV have established themselves as a pillar within the grassroots community working with the likes of FA, Kick It Out and various teams and players across the country to shine a much-needed spotlight on football within the UK. The channel has evolved over the past four years, winning multiple awards and travelling to different countries and working with high-profile contributors to serve our grassroots audience.

Saeed Hussein

Saeed is an inspired, fun-loving and hard-working content creator from Manchester. He is passionate about producing fun and informative content about football. With over 50,000 subscribers, Saeed’s authentic and vibrant approach to sport appeals to a diverse audience, as he constantly seeks to innovate and level-up his content.


Tadii G

Tadi is the Creative Director of clothing brand Svosva. Svosva is a contemporary streetwear brand that was established in 2018. At the end of 2019, Tadi left the word of 9 to 5 to pursue their business full-time. While on her journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur, Tadi took the opportunity to document her experiences on YouTube, hoping to inspire other aspiring business owners.

Temwa & Anjola

Temwa and Anjola are a young Malawian/Nigerian couple who love to create content that inspires people to create memories with the people who matter the most, through relatable humour, candid family moments, couple adventures and simply living their best life. Temwa and Anjola started their YouTube journey in 2020 as a newly married couple and have since grown into a family of four. With the perfect mix of humour and relatability, the couple strive to captivate and inspire audiences by sharing the honest truths of marriage and parenthood.


Terri-Ann’s Kitchen

Terri-Ann’s Kitchen is the destination for quick, simple and healthy recipes to feed the whole family. With her passion for cooking and family time, Terri-Ann enjoys sharing the recipes that her partner and three boys love to eat, allowing aspiring chefs to make delicious dishes and cook along. Terri’s love of cooking comes from spending time with her grandmother as a child and has always loved the power that food has to bring people together. What Terri describes as an initial hobby has completely transformed her life and she is incredibly excited to continue her journey on YouTube.

The Grimwade Family

The Grimwade Family are a large interracial, homeschooling family of 9. (Dad) Tim, (Mum) Ella and their seven children Heze, Hosanna, Halle, Harper, Hazariah, Houston and Halo. Tim and Ella take great pleasure in the parenting process and have lots of fun in the process. Their authentic and realistic approach has received praise, holding little back in sharing the ins and the outs of everyday parenting. Their close knit online community, or the ‘Grimwade Gang’ offers other parents a place to feel seen and heard on YouTube.


Tyla Grant

Constantly questioning the way things are done, Tyla creates content about Neurodiversity, Mental Health and making sense of adulthood as an autistic Black young woman. Tyla’s channel candidly sharing what she learns whilst unmasking and evolving in the hopes of making the ugly parts of the process less taboo. Sharing the difficulties of a world that is seldom designed for neurodivergence, Tyla uses her channel to build community and help the Black autistic community to feel less alone.

Uche Natori

Uche Natori is social media star who has gained popularity through her self-titled YouTube channel. The London- based content creator, dubbed “Base Queen” for mastering flawless complexions with makeup, is known for snapping and sharing her beauty looks, fashion inspiration and special outings in aesthetically pleasing visuals. Having built a loyal following of over 600k across social platforms, her self-taught creativity has caught the attention of global brands including Clinique, Farfetch, Gymshark, Maybelline, SKY and ASOS (for which she was an Insider in 2019). She is also a repeat judge for The ASOS Beauty Awards.


Underrated Hijabi

Underrated Hijabi is a YouTube channel that celebrates fun. Posting exciting and engaging content on all things food-related, self-professed candy fan and ‘sour queen’ Hijabi tries out fun and flavoursome challenges to entertain her followers, often trying different cuisines from around the world.

90s Baby Show

The 90s Baby Show is a podcast brought to you by Fred Santana, Temi Alchemy and VP in the cut, discussing everything from science and maths to sport, music and popular culture. The 90s Baby Show keeps you up to date with not only the lives of its presenters but all of the nonsense that's happening in the world. You are guaranteed to laugh and feel like you're a part of the conversation.

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