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Meet the North America #YouTubeBlack Voices creator class of 2023

The YouTube Black Voices Creator Class of 2023 is here!

The YouTube Black Voices Creator Class of 2023 is here! It includes 29 grantees, hailing from across the United States. Meet the class below, discover your new fav creator and keep an eye out for all of the exciting content they’ll create in 2023 👀!


LovelyBryana: Hair. Beauty. Fashion. As Lovely As You Can Bee…


Bryana Dalcour, aka LovelyBryana, is a full-time creator and business owner whose content is beauty focused. Whether it’s teaching others how to slay a wig or bringing them on a behind-the-scenes journey of her life as a hair care brand owner, she aims to inspire and uplift others both in beauty and in life.

Joshua Erabu: Let’s create wealth together k?

North Carolina

Joshua is a Gen Z ex-realtor and full-time content creator best known for teaching personal finance in a fun and easy-to-understand way. His lighthearted and uncomplicated approach to finance has garnered an audience of over 450K followers in less than a year. His likable and easy-going personality has not only made him a perfect fit for many campaigns - but a perfect match for educating thousands of viewers.

armani white

Plant Based Princess: Self care is not self indulgence. It is self preservation.


Ri Turner is a conscious lifestyle content creator and entrepreneur who finds joy in sharing moments of intentional living through her lens and perspective. Ri strives to build community and creates a safe space for those who need it. Whether it be through food, mindfulness, or daily self care practices, Ri is adamant about showing that magical things can happen for you if you simply show up as your true self.

Asmara: All about intersectionality


Asmara is a digital storyteller who produces a variety of entertaining and culturally conscious content across the internet. Her videos often center marginalized perspectives in narrative-driven video games, media and social issues. Since being recognized by YouTube Gaming for her viral documentary about The Sims 4 in early 2021, Asmara continues to use her insight and authenticity to voice unspoken intersections in society.


Cindyrella OG: Stay blessed and stay beautiful!


Cindyrella OG, also known as Cindy Nwachukwu, prides herself on using her platform to encourage and educate her subscribers on self discovery, confidence, fashion, lifestyle and beauty. Her platform operates on the foundation of mental health awareness and she aims to offer a real perspective on women coming of age through her vlogs. Using her master’s degree in psychology, Cindy uses her platform to push awareness for mental health in her communities.

Nate Matthews: Tips, Tricks & Confidence 👌🏽


Nate Matthews has been creating content on YouTube since the platform launched in 2005. Nate has found two niches that have led to viral content: first, grooming, for which he provides “Tips, Tricks & Confidence” for bald head shaving and beard maintenance, and second through DIY barber tutorials and machine embroidery on his secondary business channel “NeverDenyMe,” which shows how he creates custom embroidery patches and apparel.

babyface ray

BeautifulBrwnBabyDol: The COOL chick next door who happens to know a little about everything!


An award-winning tenured and full rank professor, researcher and clinic director, Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey uses her channel to provide real-world lifestyle solutions that reflect living a mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally balanced life through transparent talks, storytelling and tutorials dedicated to beauty, fitness and psychological wellness. She believes in living life out loud and shamelessly no matter where you come from while being willing to learn the most you can along the way.

As Told By Kenya: Commentary | Critic | Community


Kenya Wilson wants to build an online community where she can speak her mind and her followers can speak theirs as well. She prides herself on being able to add her social commentary to pop culture topics and describes her channel as being for people who live fearlessly, freely and most importantly, just want to have a little fun.

Black Pantera

iKnowAyrel: Watch this crazy, shocking, unbelievable drama!


Akintoye Ojeshina, better known as Ayrel, is a 25-year-old internet sensation, who has amassed millions of followers. Ayrel started using YouTube in 2019 as a creative outlet and in 2020, launched his “loyalty test” series, amazing viewers with his ability to bring the truth out of couples. In just two years, he’s built a loyal fanbase of more than 1.2M YouTube subscribers. Whether it’s man on the street, reality TV, hosting, prank or vlog-style content, Ayrel’s infectious personality makes for captivating videos.

The Beast Family: Enjoy a family channel that does vlogs, pranks, challenges and funny skits!


“The Beast Family” is a strong family group whose mission is to entertain and inspire their audience of nearly 900K subscribers through vlogs, pranks, challenges and funny skits.


The Cole Life: Welcome to the Cole Life! Come along and enjoy the ride.


Brian and Lexi Cole are a young, fun-loving Christian couple that wants to bring viewers along for their journey through life. Through their videos, they creatively share their experience with marriage, relationships, spirituality and family. Together, they strive to build a community that cares about openness and honesty.

BeLeaf in Fatherhood: The mission of BeLeaf in Fatherhood is to equip fathers, give hope to mothers and inspire children.


Glen Henry wears many hats as a father, husband, creator, musician, author, emcee, CEO and mentor. He began documenting his journey as a stay-at-home father on YouTube in 2015. Six years later, he’s appeared in films, published children’s books, launched a multi-venture company, co-hosted a podcast with his wife of 12 years, Yvette, and added two more children for a total of four little ones who inspire his every endeavor. His company, BeLeaf in Fatherhood, creates content to equip fathers to love and lead their families into eternity.


Tenicka Boyd: Luxury - Leisure - Lifestyle

New York

Tenicka is a Manhattan-based mom living a colorful life, creating fashion, travel and lifestyle content. After spending many years serving on the leadership teams of organizations like the ACLU and racial justice organization Color of Change, as well as in the Obama Administration, Tenicka cultivated an online community of half a million people that focuses on living a colorful and purpose-driven life. Tenicka has traveled to more than 60 countries with her husband and daughter and documents her travels on social media.

Baddies & Budgets: Budgeting | Business | Finance


Jasmine Taylor is the owner and face behind Baddies & Budgets, a small business and online community dedicated to helping women take control of their personal finances by providing a unique combination of education and the application of resources. Through her content, Jasmine makes personal finance relatable as she shares the highs and lows of becoming financially free and gives her audience a front row seat into how she changed her life from survival mode to thriving, with the hopes that they will be inspired to do the same.


iBelongOutdoors: Are you ready for weekly offshore and outdoor videos? Follow me on my craziest adventure!


iBelongOutdoors is an energetic, adventurous channel from Emmanuel Williams that produces fun inspirational content on the water. As a second-generation Jamaican born in Miami, fishing has always been a family tradition for Emmanuel, which influenced him to create iBelongOutdoors, with the hopes to inspire everyone to get outside and enjoy the world around them!

Bria Jones: Self improvement | vlogs | influencer industry


Bria Jones is a Dallas-based lifestyle content creator. Bria pivoted from a corporate career to creating her own original content full time. She uses her platform to help her followers feel their best — with everything from videos on stylish outfits to deep inner work.

tayla parx

Symphani Soto: Beauty and music


Symphani got started on YouTube in 2014, with candid vlogs meant to educate and uplift others on topics like skin breakouts and other “9-1-1” beauty issues. She’s since built an audience of more than 300k subscribers and over 15.5 million views and has focused on her passion for music, having grown up singing her whole life and developing an appreciation for various genres. Symphani dropped her debut EP in 2018, with the lead single, “All I Know” receiving more than 1 million streams. She continues to pursue music while creating content for her growing YouTube channel.

Janae Daughtery: Daily Vlogs | Beauty | Lifestyle | Fashion

Janae is a lifestyle creator whose content focuses on fashion, hauls and vlogs of her day-to-day life in Atlanta, where she spends time with family and friends. She’s constantly thinking of new ways to better herself and grow into the best person she can be, while helping her followers have the courage to do the same!


Studio Jibby: At home workouts, gym workouts and more!


Jibby is a plant-based fitness trainer and lifestyle content creator. From fitness, to lifestyle, to food, she loves sharing health tips with her audience. After leaving her job as a VP software engineer to pursue content creating full time in June 2021, Jibby’s seen tremendous audience growth. She’s known for her engaging YouTube “follow along with me” workouts which make quality fitness accessible to everyone. Jibby also recently launched a fitness app, Uplift, which features nutritious meal plans, fitness plans and more!

Cigar Talk: Rap Radar

New York

Cigar Talk is a renowned interview series, currently in its fourth season, that focuses on detailing the journey and getting insight into the life of people that move culture. It’s hosted by Naji Grampus, one of hip hop’s premier cultural epicures. In each episode, Naji interviews influential figures in music, tv, sports and other industries. Naji is also currently the VP of Streaming & Strategy at Sony Orchard.


Iamdices: Tune into my world of creativity and journey with me on my way to success!


Dices, or Lasayfies Wilson, is an actor, writer, producer, rapper, singer and audio engineer. He began making videos and music at just seven years old and has since honed his skills on social media, continuing to create every day to grow his platform, now counting more than 1.7 million subscribers. Dices aims to inspire other creatives to chase their dreams and continue to strive to reach their goals.

Art By DeMarcus Shawn: Everyday, relatable content that makes you laugh

DeMarcus is an actor, comedian and social media star whose found huge success on social media thanks to his super relatable comedy skits. His fun-loving, comedic outlook on life has helped him grow a huge audience. DeMarcus is now focusing his efforts on building out his social media presence as well as expanding into other interests, like fashion, acting and writing for various TV shows.

city planner plays

City Planner Plays: A City Planner that Plays City Builders.

Philip has been a professional urban planner for over a decade. In mid-2020, he decided to start a YouTube channel for fun to share his love of city builder games while learning how to edit videos and quickly found an audience that was interested. He's since gained more than 400k subscribers and nearly 70 million views. In January 2021, he was featured as a YouTube Gaming Creator of the Week. On his channel, discusses city planning issues while playing city building games, diving into nuanced issues related to how planning impacts citizens, including those of underrepresented and minority communities.

Kachunkie: Build build build!


Kachunkie is a video game creator whose content focuses on playing Roblox life simulation games. She started her YouTube channel in 2019 with tutorials and has since added commentary to her content which has helped her establish a more personal connection with her audience. A creative and a builder at heart, most of Kachunkie’s videos feature building challenges.


JDub: Skits and vlogs

Jordan Wallace, aka JDub, brings creativity and comedy through skits and vlogs on his channel where he has more than 600k subscribers.

Mr. Wright Way: Always Do it the Wright Way


Steve Wright Jr. is a retired United States Navy Veteran who has always had a passion for video games, collectible and photography. In his bi-weekly videos, he share his tips and tricks on how to game hunt the “Wright Way,” makes video game collection videos and discusses his favorite PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox Games and how to get the Wright deals.


Arianna Elizabeth: Bright & Salted Yoga


Arianna Elizabeth, is the founder and owner of Bright and Salted Yoga, an ERYT-500, certified yoga sculpt instructor and professional photographer with more than seven years of personal practice and teaching experience. She strives to allow her students to experience liberation through their practices by offering yoga poses that build functional, intrinsic strength rather that can be used in their daily lives. Her mission is to create a safe and comfortable space for all to access and enjoy the benefits of yoga, with special consideration for those who deeply value their Christian backgrounds while on their mat.

Veedotme: Game with me


Vincent Livermon, aka VeeDotMe, has always enjoyed sharing his gaming experience with others in real life and online. He enjoys sharing his knowledge he’s accumulated through his passion and his favorite games with the gaming community and for others to learn and enjoy.


Smokin' n Grillin with AB: Food for the soul


Aaron Brown, known on YouTube simply as AB, got his start in the kitchen at just seven years old. Today, his channel boasts more than 2 million subscribers and helps culinary enthusiasts learn how to whip up delicious dishes at home.

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