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Road to 1 million subscribers with UnderratedHijabi

If you think of a snack, the UnderratedHijabi has probably tried making it in her car. Get to know how the UK creator recently made it past 1 million subscribers.

From her car, the UnderratedHijabi has made breakfast, reviewed the sourest of candies so you don’t have to and even managed to make baklava — all from behind the steering wheel. The UK creator recently hit the one million subscriber mark so to celebrate, she answered questions and busted a few myths about her journey. Read on for a quick round of would you rather and what sauce you’ll always find in her car!

I realized that you're not living life if you're not taking risks, so I took the risk and started YouTube.”


Let's start with the basics: why did you start your YouTube channel?

UnderratedHijabi: During quarantine I started TikTok, and I would always receive comments about starting my own YouTube channel. This has always been a thought but I was too scared and worried about what other people would think and whether I would be successful. However, I realized that you're not living life if you're not taking risks, so I took the risk and started YouTube.

I just fell in love with YouTube and what motivated me was the fact that my subscribers would express how much they loved my videos and how it brightens up their day. This positive feedback was just what I needed and it helped me continue to post and grow in my subscriber count.

True or False: Reaching the first 1,000 is harder than reaching the first MILLION

UnderratedHijabi: Yes definitely true! At the beginning you're very eager and watching your subscriber count as you want to hit that 1,000 so badly. You're still at the early stage, trying to find your niche and figuring out what your audience likes and dislikes. But reaching the first million even though this is a massive accomplishment you know your audience and you've established your niche.

If you were to host your favorite celebrity crush in your car tomorrow what would you make them?

UnderratedHijabi: Oooh! I would probably start crying, but it would be Adele. I am obsessed with Adele and I feel like she would love a sour blastation, everyone loves a sour blastation. It's a bit sour with a hint of sweetness, amazing for summertime. Super refreshing!

Would you rather...

  1. Broadcast your first video to a million people
  2. Have all the comments you’ve left under videos on YT on a billboard on Piccadilly Circus.
  3. Eat petrol station food for two years

UnderratedHijabi: Two, because I'm a positive person and I always leave positive comments, so I would love to showcase that on a billboard. Maybe people who comment rude and negative things might learn something. I've always been told if there is nothing nice to say, keep silent. Leaving negative comments can have an effect so please be careful what you type.

How has being part of the YouTube Black Voices Fund influenced your videos?

UnderratedHijabi: It is a great community to be part of, I've already learnt so much which has helped me see my videos in a different light. I can't wait to see what else I will learn.

What’s a sauce we’ll always find in your car?

UnderratedHijabi: Ketchup sauce, definitely it's an all rounder and it lasts longer. Everyone loves ketchup!

Who is one creator you’d love to collaborate with?

UnderratedHijabi: I would love to collaborate with MrBeast only because he's amazing and I feel like I would learn a lot from him.