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Rene’s Top Five on YouTube: May 2, 2024 edition

These are the top 5 things I saw this week.

This week, like every week, I’m scouring YouTube, X/Twitter, Instagram, Threads, and many a Discord and Slack betwixt and between to find the most impactful news for… well, you!

💛 Community, Part 1: Hot on the heels of our first Creator Insider Podcast with Chucky from Team MrBeast and Todd from YouTube Discovery and Growth, we have Podcast the second! This time I’m joined by streaming sensation, Emily D. Baker, and Bangaly, who leads YouTube Fan Funding, to talk all about community — growing an audience, building a membership, and otherwise earning a living and providing value to viewers beyond AdSense. It’s just such a smart, interesting, inspiring discussion, so run over to Creator Insider and give it a watch!

🙏Community, Part 2: April 23 was International Creators Day. The date comes from when the first-ever YouTube video was uploaded 19 years ago. The vibe comes from creators celebrating being creators right in the here and now. And this year, to help amp up that vibe, you just know the #YouTubeCreatorCollective was there to really bring the community together — from Miami to Rochester to Chicago, and even a special food-centric event in Seattle! Not every creator knows other creators in our area, so coming together like this, sharing our stories and experiences, learning from and leaning on each other, is so beyond incredibly powerful. Thanks so much to everyone who came out and made it a Creator Day to remember!

🩳Stickers! If you haven’t tried the Q&A sticker yet, it’s a great way to add some fun and interactivity to your Shorts, and to deepen your connection with your audience and community. That, and Reply-With-A-Short, are powerful ways to go from being just another creator who pops up in the feed, to someone viewers bond with and want to come back to again and again. YouTube Creators just posted a fresh new video on how they work, so make sure to check it out and then get your sticker on!

🙋Q&A: In the reused content video, it says it’s ok for a creator to do things like post podcasts clips or Shorts compilations on a different channel they also own, but what about on the same channel? Is that ok?” Yes! If you want to cut down your long-form videos to Shorts, or compile your Shorts or long-form into… longer-form on the same channel, that’s also fine! Just don’t re-upload the exact same video, since that could be seen as spam. But anything transformatives like cut-downs and compilations — go for it!

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📈 Tip of the Week: If you’re manually inserting midrolls for your videos, keep in mind that what you’re actually inserting aren’t ads but ad slots. When someone watches your video, not all of those slots will be filled by ads — whether they are or not will depend on a lot of variables. So, when you’re inserting, it’s best not to think about how many ads you want to appear, but rather the ideal place for any ads that do appear. That means you can also place more slots than you might otherwise want ads, just to give YouTube more options on which slots it can fill. If all of that sounds like more than you want to manage, you can let YouTube place midroll slots automatically. If you’re not ready to give up that much control, you can insert the automatic slots, then tweak manually. And don’t be afraid to experiment either!

Now get with the contenting!

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