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Celebrating International Creator Day

Nineteen years ago today, the first video was uploaded to YouTube. Since then, YouTube has become the home of creativity. There are localized versions of YouTube in over 100 countries around the world across 80 languages, and every day, people watch billions of hours of video and generate billions of views.

In light of April 23, a day celebrated by some in the creator community as International Creator Day, we’d like to introduce some creators making social and economic impact with their content around the globe. Read on to discover their stories!

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Ben Eagle (Vietnam)

Ben Eagle started his channel and uploaded the first video in December 2021. His channel grew very fast with his creative martial arts Shorts, reaching 10 million subscribers in less than two years since his first video.

With his YouTube channel, he has built a new house for his parents, and also founded the EAGLES ACADEMY, where he fosters the next generation of talents in martial arts and also coaches them to build successful YouTube channels. His tips and peer-to-peer mentorship have helped many channels to grow, and some have also crossed the 1 million subscriber milestone.

His next goal is to build one charity house for the poor in Vietnam every month and conduct charity work across the country through the EAGLES EYES charity fund that he established, setting a positive example for the community and society.

jeenie weenie

Jeenie Weenie (Canada)

Sandra Kwon, otherwise known as Jeenie Weenie on YouTube, is a former flight attendant and restaurant owner, who decided to turn her passion for creating comedic shorts into a business and full-time career after seeing her videos surge in popularity during the pandemic.

Sandra is best known for her comedic flight attendant skits, on what she refers to as ‘Jeenie Air’, riffing on her previous experiences in the industry and passenger encounters to create pure comedy magic. Sandra also taps into these personal experiences to share flight attendant reaction videos, behind-the-scenes airline intel, and flying tips that draw viewers with their highly relatable nature.

In 2021 alone, Sandra’s channel gained more than 3M subscribers and her videos received over 2.3B views. Her channel has now grown to over 9.2M subscribers, and has provided a platform for her to explore other creative ventures, including her starring role in Ken Mok and Steven He’s Ginormo series on YouTube.

Sandra’s husband and one-year old daughter are also frequently featured on her YouTube channel, and after seeing such positive reactions to their family-focused content, she started The Weenie Family YouTube channel, which has grown to 1.77M subscribers in just 2 years.


Poxalulu (Brazil)

Ana Luíza Ramos, known as Poxalulu on YouTube, began her journey as an education content creator on the platform after spending years studying to enter medical schools in Brazil. After this period, she accumulated experience in learning techniques, but also felt the difficulties and anxieties that students usually have.

Ana started recording videos sharing tips, study techniques and providing moral support to university candidates across the country. Her authentic approach on how to improve students' grades in college entrance exams has caught the attention of her followers. Today there are more than 700 videos and 331k subscribers following the content published on her channel.

In Brazil, after completing high school, students take the National High School Exam. In 2023, at least 3 of the 60 students from across the country who achieved the maximum grade in the essay complemented their studies with the techniques and tips from the content produced by Poxalulu.

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Kinigra Deon (United States)

Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, Kinigra moved to LA in 2018 for work as a clinical laboratory scientist. In her free time, she acted in some of her friends’ YouTube videos and loved the idea of having so much creative freedom in her career. She decided to move back to Alabama to go full-time as a writer, actor, and producer for her own channel. Now, Kinigra’s channel has gained over 3M subscribers and is a network of scripted shows and movies spanning through comedy, drama, and fantasy genres. The wide array of series features acting from Kinigra’s family and friends throughout her community, always focusing on creating serial content the entire family can watch together. Kinigra is passionate about involving the kids in her family and community not just as actors, but teaching them how to be creators and its path as a career. She hopes to one day open a free content creating studio for kids to learn about the YouTube craft.

kl bro hero

KL BRO Biju Rithvik (India)

Biju started his YouTube channel in 2020, spotlighting life with his tight-knit family who hail from a remote village in Kerala, south of India. Biju and his wife don’t speak English or Hindi but have won the hearts of millions of subscribers.

Biju’s content, which shows everything from the family cooking their favorite recipes to wedding day traditions, transcends boundaries. He now has more than 40 million subscribers and gets viewership from over 40 countries.

Before starting his YouTube channel, he was a bus driver and carpenter. However, with his channel growing fast, he has transitioned to be a successful entrepreneur with his channel - the number of subscribers on his channel is as much as the total population of the state he lives in!

When asked what being a YouTube creator means to Biju, he said, “YouTube became more than just a passion. It became my lifeline. Through my YouTube revenue, I could pay for my mother’s life-saving surgery & clear our debts. My childhood dream of building a secure home finally came true, a testament to the power of this platform. YouTube didn't just grant me financial freedom, it fueled my creative fire. YouTube continues to open doors to exciting opportunities such as directing a small feature film. But the most precious gift YouTube has given me is love. Millions around the world have embraced me and my family as their own, a connection that transcends borders and languages.”

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Panda Boi (Italy)

Federico, also known as Panda Boi, stands as one of the world's foremost creators in the realm of short-form content, boasting an impressive subscriber base of 41 million solely through his Shorts featured on his primary channel. Passionate about showcasing the potential for creators and audiences alike to enact positive social change, Federico frequently embarks on global journeys within his videos, wherein he prepares meals and beverages for individuals in need. His mission extends beyond mere entertainment, aiming to illustrate the simplicity of extending gestures of solidarity, with the aspiration that others will emulate these actions, thus contributing to the collective betterment of society.

visual hero

Visual Politik (Spain)

In December 2015, three Spanish friends with an interest in world politics and economics saw a gap in Spain’s news and media landscape and decided to start their YouTube channel @VisualPolitik. Visual Politik appeals to curious, well-informed audiences with insightful content that goes deeper and beyond the usual topics covered in traditional media. On top of the Visual Politik Spanish language channel with 3.35M subscribers, the team also has an English speaking channel with 1.32M subscribers and produces content in 4 other languages.