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Introducing November’s featured Creators on the Rise

Up and coming creators on the videos new subscribers should watch first.

If you look back at any creators’ earliest videos, there are likely to be some differences between where they began and where they are now. In some cases, these differences are stylistic — as creators learn editing techniques or pick up new equipment, their content can change to reflect these tools. Other times, the content itself changes as a creator grows over time and their interests evolve. Someone who starts out as a gamer might turn into a beauty creator or a vlogger taking on IRL challenges.

That’s why we asked November’s group of Creators on the Rise, a global program celebrating emerging channels, which of their videos they would recommend new subscribers tune into first to get the best sense of who they are and what kind of content to expect.

Find out which of their videos you should queue up below, then head to the full playlist to get a look at more rising creators and content to watch now.

Yoon Kai, a college student documenting her daily routines, complete with productivity and studying inspiration.

“If I had to pick one video of a new subscriber of mine to watch first, it would be this one — ‘UNI VLOG: Waking up at 5 a.m., studying on campus, new desk chair, productive days of a student’! My ‘Uni vlog’ series is one of the main reasons I wanted to create videos and start a YouTube channel. As a university student, I always watched YouTube videos to get through stressful days of university so I always hope that anyone who watches my vlogs can relate and share their experiences with me, too. In turn, posting these videos has helped me connect with other students and individuals going through similar experiences. I believe that this would be a great first video to watch because it captures who I am, the style of videos I create, and the community of people who enjoy my vlogs.”

The Home Maker Baker, a home cook who whips up sweet and savory treats alike, from classic Pakistani biscuits to Indian curries.

“I would pick my Pistachio Rose Cake Recipe. It's one of my favorite recipes to have formulated. It's super fast, simple, easy and delicious, which is what my cooking and baking skills are all about. I started The Home Maker Baker to show people that baking does not have to be complicated. This video is precisely that.”

Jared Hesketh, a vlogger who brings viewers along as he tries innovative 24-hour challenges.

“If I had to pick one video for a new subscriber to watch it would be the "I Survived Every Ride At Cedar Point" video. While my picking up trash video has the most views out of any of my long-form content, the cedar point video was my favorite one to make and edit. None of it was scripted or structured, it was all just in-the-moment stuff and that's what I think more creators, including myself, should focus on when making videos. Structure is obviously very important when filming, but so is living in the moment and having fun while creating content. And to this point, the Cedar Point video was the most fun I've had making a video.”

Jon Kung, a Detroit-based chef putting a twist on traditional recipes and offering ingredient insights

“I would choose this video — ‘Brazilian + Chinese: How I Cook Feijoada Chinêsa’ — because it gives a better idea of what my long form videos are about and touches on the style of cooking I like to do which is cross-cultural in a way that plays to the states of both cultures that I’m cooking for.”

Anderson Nguyen, a foodie trying Vietnamese recipes at home and dining out at a variety of fast casual spots.

“If I had to pick a video for new subscribers to watch, I would want them to watch ‘I Took My Dog Fine Dining’. I am really proud of that video because it has good storytelling [and] features my dog Olive! I utilized a lot of editing techniques in that video that I've learned during my last year and a half on YouTube… I've tried various video editing software but ultimately use Final Cut Pro for all of my editing.

"As I've grown as an editor, I believe that sound/audio design has been the most important aspect of my YouTube videos and could be the difference between a good and a bad video. I've incorporated editing techniques like L/J cuts, masking, green screens and even started adding captions to help with pacing and retention.”

Novel Kulture, a van life couple documenting their adventures and sharing on-the-road tips in their Sprinter 170 EXT cargo van.

“We would pick ‘Van-life | 5 Things That Kept Us Broke’. We choose this video because it more closely shows the direction our channel is going — natural, high energy, to-the-point, easily consumable content. Even though this video did poorly, it better communicates our past than the ‘Get to Know Lovell and Paris’ video.”

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