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YouTube Creators on the Rise - November 2021

Meet November’s Featured Creators on the Rise

From skincare reviews to gymnastics how-tos, these up-and-coming creators are sharing their interests with audiences around the world.

Over the past couple of months, we’ve brought you selections of need-to-know creators from Creator on the Rise, a program that identifies and celebrates up-and-coming YouTube channels around the world. From analysis of pop songs and cake decorating tips to 3D printing tutorials, these creators’ interests and expertise spans a wide range of professional and hobby-driven communities.

This month, we’re introducing the latest class of creators to watch, subscribe to, and learn from. Whether you’re into gymnastics or tech, web comics or fingerboarding, architecture, or fashion, there’s something for everyone. And who knows — you might even discover a passion for an entirely new subculture.

Here’s a brief introduction to the creators in November’s playlist:

Drew Joiner shares his fashion expertise with clothing and footwear hauls, product reviews, and thoughtful musings on the state of the industry in 2021.

Since making waves with her viral gymnastics routine in 2016, Sophina Dejesus continues to shed light on the sport with competition insights, comedic sketches, and practice how-tos.

Anyone looking for makeup and skincare advice can turn to QuincyQ, who walks viewers through his beauty routine, go-to products, and easy-to-follow styling tips.

The Gripsion makes moves with his fingerboards, showing off inventive tricks and testing out new homemade obstacles.

In addition to documenting their transformation process, trans Quebecoise creator Gabrielle Marion taps into popular YouTube formats, from reaction videos to mukbangs, to bring audiences along on their day-to-day life.

Architect Dami Lee uploads content that will appeal to those looking to enter the industry (need to know how to assemble a portfolio?), as well as anyone interested in up-leveling their creative process.

Tech enthusiast Tausif Hussain offers product buying tips and reviews for those shopping for a new phone or computer, while also sharing must-know productivity hacks.

Web comic creator McKay and Gray takes viewers through their drawings step-by-step, sharing useful storytelling and technique know-hows that will apply to any aspiring artist.

Check back next month to learn about another group of emerging creators.