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Meet September’s Featured Creators on the Rise

From sustainable fashion tips to pop culture critiques, these up-and-coming creators are sharing their personal passions with global audiences.

In January 2017, we announced the launch of Creator on the Rise, a program that identifies and celebrates up-and-coming YouTube channels. Since then, we’ve featured more than 5,000 Creators on the Rise and expanded from the US to over 20 countries and regions around the world, including Au, India, and South Korea. 

In August we kicked off a new playlist highlighting a select group of featured Creators on the Rise. This month, we’re bringing you 15 more emerging creators to keep on your radar. You’ll find a cross-section of channels that span genres and areas of expertise, letting you discover new channels to add to your subscriptions and perhaps even a newfound interest in skateboarding or 3D printing

Here’s a brief introduction to the creators in September’s playlist:

Studio of M.M. offers an approachable introduction to art, with watercolor how-tos and tips about the best supplies for an aspiring painter.   

SweetScale TV is a music producer who shares his own beats as well as insider know-how for entering the industry.  

Writer Abbie Emmons breaks down the narrative process, teaching audiences how to construct everything from a must-read prologue to slow-burn romance

SimonDev is a coder who offers useful tutorials and demonstrates his own creative projects, from building an “even better” version of Minecraft to making Star Wars Battlefront II in Javascript. 

Inspiroue shows viewers how to live more sustainably through thoughtful fashion and home decor choices.

Professional makeup artist Pompberry offers step-by-step guides to creating practical, everyday beauty looks in addition to more elaborate transformations into characters such as Krampus

Q&E (aka Quan and Erika) use animation to tell relatable personal and fictional stories. 

Quincyq shares skincare and makeup tips, along with immersive travel vlogs. 

La’Ron Readus lends an expert eye to the latest pop culture hits, critiquing the plotlines of movies and shows from Wandavision to Kung Fu Panda

Shred Shack delves into the world of skateboarding with hands-on product reviews and buyer’s guides for all skill levels.   

Stylish D is a tailor who takes a DIY approach to finding the perfect fit.  

Chanel Dijon simplifies meal prep, makes a fairground snack staple, and inspires envy with her latest shopping hauls.

Engineer JBV Creative expands the scope of 3D printing with his creations of a robotic typewriter, candy dispenser, and motivational sculpture.  

Pearl Lok whips up aesthetically appealing meals and sweet treats, ranging from traditional tiramisu to more obscure aloe vera jelly balls

Former zookeeper and wildlife educator Emma Lynne Sampson vlogs about life with her multitude of pets, ranging from dart frogs to rabbits, sharing pet care how-tos along the way.

Check back next month to discover more emerging creators!