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How Gohar Khan experiments with titles on Shorts

What does the creative process look like for creators on YouTube Shorts? In this monthly series, we’re excited to bring you behind-the-scenes to get an inside scoop of what the inspiration journey looks like for creators on YouTube Shorts.

Coming up with a video title can often be one of the hardest things for a creator to do. That's why we look at those who have mastered the craft to get a glimpse into what tools creators are using, how they film their content and how they keep the ideas coming. Today, we're checking out tips from Gohar Khan from the YouTube Shorts Creator Community to learn more about what to do when you just don't know what to name your videos!

How did you find inspiration for this Short?

I drew on my experiences as a student, reflecting on the study techniques I used throughout high school and college. The internet is abundant with study advice, so I prioritized novelty. I tried to share a technique that students have never seen before.

How did you come up with the title for the Short?

The ideal title should pique the viewer's interest. I recommend that creators pay close attention to the adjectives they use. The title of my video is "A Clever Way to Study for Exams," but I could've also used adjectives such "helpful" or "great." Yet the word "clever" feels more mysterious and intriguing. Subtle changes can have a noticeable effect.

How long did it take for you to create this Short?

I spent around three hours scripting, filming, and editing the video. Each of my tabletop shots takes around ten tries to get right.

What's the latest editing tip you learned recently that you can't do without now?

I switched to Premiere Pro recently and constantly use adjustment layers and auto captioning. I can't imagine working without those two features.

What are some ways you use analytics on Shorts to help shape your content?

I pay very close attention to my retention graphs after each post. I pay attention to the parts where retention drops off and constantly develop new hypotheses as to why. Experimenting with my content and analyzing the data has allowed me to develop a list of "rules" that guide each of my videos.

What does your schedule look like for content creation? Any tips?

I schedule out time each night to make content. I've tried batching my content in the past but found that hasn't worked for me. As such, I spend around three hours each night scripting, prepping, filming, and editing my YouTube Shorts.

And now for a quickfire round of questions.... What device or brand do you use to primarily film your content?

A smartphone!

What software do you use to edit your videos?

Premiere Pro.

On average, how long does it take to film, edit, and publish your videos?

Three hours!

Who are some creators you’re loving these days on Shorts?

Milad Mirg, MrBeast, Colin and Samir.

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