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How Jasmin Corley films her outfit transitions

A sick transition? A cool drone shot? An epic thumbnail? In our new series, "How I Made This," we dive in with creators to learn just how they do what they do.

What does the creative process look like for creators on YouTube Shorts? In this new monthly series, we’re excited to bring you behind-the-scenes to get an inside scoop of what the inspiration journey looks like for creators across YouTube. Get a glimpse into what tools creators are using on Shorts, how they film their content and how they keep the ideas coming. In our inaugural post, we're featuring a member of our YouTube Shorts Creator Community to share how they’re creating content and new tips you should try.

Take it away, Jasmin Corley!

How did you find inspiration for this Short?

The inspo for this Short came from me seeing other fashion content creators do creative ways to change clothes. Outfit transitions are a fun, easy way to get in on the trend.

How did you come up with the title for the Short?

When I use music, I like to caption the video with some lyrics from the songs I use just because when someone reads it, they may be compelled to watch because they know that song. Pick a caption that can capture attention with either shock value or relatability.

How many takes did you do for this transition?

When I’m creating transitional videos it takes me two clips total, but it takes me a few tries to get the perfect take to make it seamless. I often use the trim feature which lets you adjust the beginning and end of your clip. After trimming you should have a seamless video!

What's the latest editing tip you learned recently that you can't do without now?

When doing outfit transitions, I learned to keep your phone in the same place so that it looks seamless. Now once I start, I don't move my phone at all. Some tips I have for video placement are to keep my phone steady and in the same place by: planning the video ahead of time, using a tripod, and turning on the do not disturb feature on my phone. This eliminates having to answer a text while filming and ensures your phone stays in the same place.

Keep your phone steady and in the same place by using a tripod and turning on the do not disturb. This eliminates having to answer a text while filming and ensures your phone stays in the same place.”

Jasmin Corley

What are some favorite features on Shorts you’re using for your content?

I love the recommended section for sounds because sometimes it's hard for me to start creating without a sound. And I love the trim feature - it’s a big help with my content and making everything look seamless and flawless.

What are some ways you use analytics on Shorts to help shape your content?

I’ve noticed that if a Short is going to take off, it might not happen immediately. So I like to use analytics to check when is the best time to post to get those immediate reactions and to check on them later. Analytics allow you to view your audience and their most active times for your channel. I use this tool to track what videos are doing well and the best times to post them.

For my channel, it's always better for me to post in the daytime. This is when my audience is most active.

What does your schedule look like for content creation? Any tips?

I try my best to create in bulk. So I may film five to six videos in one day, edit them, draft them and post daily after. For Shorts, I notice sometimes that I can also post in bulk and I try to do three in a day.

Who are some creators you’re loving these days on Shorts?

I love watching BlazedandGlazed with her thrifting adventures and DoniKim when she eats at the convenience store (I’m hoping to go to Korea one day, so I like binging these videos!)

Top image credit: Brittany Little