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YouTube Creators Mrwhosetheboss, Fitwaffle, Joel M and Chewkz in the UK

UK creators share their pro tips for creating amazing Shorts

We asked Mrwhosetheboss, Fitwaffle, Joel M and Chewkz in the UK to share some of their key learnings when creating Shorts, through a Short. Here’s what they said.

Creators on YouTube have become the studios of the future — they’re content makers, producers and distributors, upleveling the entire online video industry with their creativity. Within the first year since we launched Shorts, we’ve seen how creators across continents have integrated short-form videos in different and unique ways. So, if you’ve ever wondered how to not just get started but find success with Shorts, we’re bringing some of the top UK creators’ insights and learnings to you.

Mrwhosetheboss has the impressive ability to make anything tech interesting, from honest reviews to helpful hacks. Arun recommends people doing short-form video content to create them based on things you are already passionate about. "Make sure you pick something that you love to do!" he says. "This will ensure that you stick with it."

In his Short, he shares his top 3 tips to make great YouTube Shorts.

Joel M, a Northern-Irish magician and successful content creator, shares how he stays motivated to create content on Shorts. His tricks as a content creator includes lots of pre-recording preparations. "Take time to stay organised and brainstorm before you film," he says.

Eloise from Fitwaffle Kitchen, shares her secret sauce on where to find inspiration to create great short form content. And no, it’s not Nutella. "I'm always asking my audience for their ideas, they're my biggest inspiration!"

Ex-international professional basketball turned content creator, Jesse Chuku of Chewkz, taught himself videography, editing and scriptwriting. "I start in the middle of the action so people want to follow all the way through," he advises. That's how he catches the audience's attention at the beginning of a YouTube Short.

So what are you waiting for? Try your hands at making a Short today!