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The creator economy: how YouTube Shorts change the ecosystem

In the first installment of his new video blog series on how YouTube powers the creator economy, Chief Business Officer Robert Kyncl answers your questions about Shorts.

For over 14 years, creators have turned to YouTube to monetize their talent, knowledge and expertise. Today, thousands of YouTube creators around the world are not only making a living on our platform, they’re also hiring teams and forming businesses. And while there’s healthy debate around when the creator economy first began, there’s no doubt in my mind that YouTube has played a key role in its birth and explosive growth.

Today, I’m launching a new “Ask Me Anything” video-driven blog series about YouTube’s role in powering the creator economy - driven by your questions I prompt on Twitter. One of the most exciting and growing areas within this new segment of the economy is short-form content. The arrival of YouTube Shorts - which have accrued over 5 trillion views globally - has helped creators connect with more viewers. These new audiences have in turn expanded the reach of creators by exploring their content in other formats like VOD and live streaming.

Check out my first video in the series. And stay tuned and bring your questions for the next area of the creator economy that I’ll dig into.