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Creator CEOs: Zahraa Berro of Zahraa the Label

From skateboarding brands to fitness apps and everything in between, YouTube creators are using their platforms to expand their creativity into brand building. This month is all about Zahraa Berro, Founder of Zahraa the Label!

We are so excited to bring you this series highlighting Creator CEOs to watch on YouTube Shorts and how they’re using their YouTube platforms to build their own brands. Content creation is now a launchpad enabling creators to expand their creativity into brand building and build something bigger to connect with their community, make money and have an impact that ripples through the broader society. Our YouTube Shorts Creator Community has helped creators find like-minded entrepreneurs to bounce ideas off of and share tips about building a brand through content creation.

This month is all about Zahraa Berro, founder of Zahraa the Label!

In a few sentences, tell us about what your business is about.

Zahraa the Label is "Apparel for the Modern Modest Woman." We create luxury garments that are meant to be treasured rather than chase trends. In today’s world, where fast fashion takes the lead, it's important to me that our pieces never compromise quality and are made for longevity.

What are some milestones you achieved?

I was able to grow the brand fourfold from 2021 to 2022 through my social platforms organically, by wearing my hijabs and apparel in my videos and then sharing the code with my viewers.

What are some challenges you faced while building your business?

Scaling the business quickly presented a thrilling challenge. When my content goes viral, products would constantly sell out so I had to strategize on how to keep up with the demand. I took the leap and secured business loans to expand my inventory, and now I operate from a 5,000 square foot fulfillment center. It's been a wild ride, but I've learned so much about balancing supply and demand by facing the challenge head on and coming up with a solution.

Entrepreneurship is so romanticized. There is nothing romantic about it. It is hard work with tons of mistakes that teach you to become a better business person.”

Zahraa Berro

What have you learned since building a brand?

Entrepreneurship is so romanticized. There is nothing romantic about it. It is hard work with tons of mistakes that teach you to become a better business person.

How has being a YouTube creator been part of your business model?

Sharing behind-the-scenes of my shoots, my store, my story, struggles, successes and failures. My audience absolutely loves this! While not easy, brand building and content creation go hand in hand. Being a creator that is also the face of my brand is a recipe for continuous success.

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What are some strategies you used on YouTube to grow your business?

I started showcasing my designs and custom-made hijabs in my content creation, incorporating a mix of informative, educational, and entertaining elements. I made sure to stay on top of current trends and incorporate them in my videos, while also prominently featuring my brand, Zahraa The Label. This organic marketing approach proved to be a win-win situation as viewers frequently asked about my outfits and I would direct them to my website. I utilized not only Shorts, but also long-form content, to build a deeper connection with my audience. I shared my daily vlogs, behind-the-scenes content of photoshoots and even a glimpse into my warehouse, which allowed my audience to put a face to the brand. It's a truly rewarding experience.

How have you used your YouTube audience to inform your business’ direction?

As a highly engaged content creator on YouTube, I've developed a strong connection with my subscribers and have built a loyal following in a short period of time. I always respond to comments and prioritize interaction, making sure my engagement game is always on point. When I promise my subscribers a new video, I follow through and post it.

Additionally, I utilize the community section to actively respond to their comments and keep the conversation going. To further enhance the connection between my brand, Zahraa The Label, and my followers, I include a link to the brand and a special discount code in my description box. Whenever someone asks about my outfit, I not only share the link and code, but also remind them to check the description box for any links they may need. This approach has greatly contributed to the growth of my business and solidified the connection between my brand and my followers.

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There's no such thing as too much content — every post is an opportunity to document your journey and reflect on your growth.”

Zahraa Berro

Any tips for creators looking to build brands?

Unleash your creativity and let your passion shine through your content. Consistency is key, and by continuously sharing your journey and all of your amazing ideas, you'll be able to build a loyal following. Remember, there's no such thing as too much content — every post is an opportunity to document your journey and reflect on your growth. Embrace the power of YouTube and use it to drive the success of your brand. Just keep pushing the limits and having fun with it.