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Creator CEOs: How Suyash Fashion is making Rajasthan art an emerging trend

From skateboarding brands to fitness apps and everything in between, YouTube creators are using their platforms to expand their creativity into brand building. Today, we're featuring Suyash Fashion.

In our latest Creator CEOs series, we chat with some of YouTube's most successful and creative entrepreneurs and how they’re using their YouTube platforms to build their own brands. Content creation is now a launchpad enabling creators to expand their creativity into brand building and build something bigger to connect with their community, make money and have an impact that ripples through the broader society. In the case of our next creator feature, they're using their platform to showcase art from a place of cultural significance.

Without further ado, meet Suyash Fashion, based out of India! With 1.35 million followers and counting, creators Yashi Tank and Suraj Pal Singh have built a fast growing brand, using their YouTube channel to show fans the latest products and how to best wear them.

In a few sentences, tell us about what your business is about.

Suyash Fashion was created to highlight Rajasthan art, featuring colorful Sanganeri print (a method of pattern-making using hand blocks) as an emerging trend in India. We've always wanted to give something to our YouTube family and that’s how we thought of creating a legacy that will always stay with us and our fans.

With our line of clothing, we are giving our fans a way to represent Rajasthan art in easy, everyday wear fit for daily life or special occasions.

What are some milestones you achieved?

Since starting in December 2021, we were able to hip more than 5,000 orders in the past year!

What are some challenges you faced while building your business?

Running a fashion business isn't as simple as creating a design and putting it out there. In fact, we still have some of the first stock that we launched. However, that made us learn a lot about our audience and their needs and now we incorporate more feedback and look to our fans to inform what they're looking for.

It was amazing to see how a simple announcement on a YouTube video pushes our sales to another level because our fans are so engaged with us.”

Yashi Tank Founder, Suyash Fashion

How has being a YouTube creator been part of your business model?

We started daily vlogging in 2020 and in 2021 we launched our clothing line. The amount of love our YouTube audience has given has provided the confidence to build a concrete brand. It was amazing to see how a simple announcement on a YouTube video pushes our sales to another level because our fans are so engaged with us.

Being an entrepreneur made me realize my credibility as a creator and my potential to make something big. Brand and content creation go side by side and somewhere it is interdependent.