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YouTube Creator Ashe

Ashe invites you to her one-woman show in a new short film

You can watch it now on this Artist on the Rise’s channel.

YouTube Music has partnered with Artist on the Rise, Ashe, on a new short film that leads fans on a journey through her life as an artist, successes and failures as she finds her way back to herself. The short film is available to watch now on Ashe’s Official YouTube Channel.

Now that I’ve made my first body of work, it's led me back to myself”

― Ashe

Ashe invites fans to enjoy her one-woman show, where she shares life lessons -- from her childhood in San Jose, CA to her education at the prestigious Berklee College of Music to her career as a songwriter in Nashville. Imaginative and dreamlike visuals weave together Ashe’s storytelling with iconic monuments from her life, painting a vivid picture of her world. 

Ashe is on a mission to get back to herself. In this film, she discusses the moments in her life where she felt anxious and lonely, the decisions that she regrets, and how being honest in her music has helped her find true success. 

“Now that I’ve made my first body of work, it's led me back to myself,” says Ashe. 

More about Ashe

Ashe released her anticipated debut album, Ashlyn, in May 2021 on Mom + Pop Music.  The 14-track record was executive-produced by Ashe and Leroy “Big Taste” Clampitt (Justin Bieber, Lennon Stella).  The deeply personal body of work features lyrics that honestly portray Ashe’s own emotional wreckage, infused with a delicate balance of dreamy sensitivity and hard-won insight. Musically, Ashe builds elaborate symphonies around her most intimate revelations, featuring elements of everything from orchestral pop to grandiose ’70s rock to timeless piano balladry, with nods to influences such as Carole King, Elton John, ABBA and The Beach Boys.   

Ashe is set to perform live at Lollapalooza tonight at 6:30 PM on the GrubHub stage. 

Ashe also sat down for a full Q&A with YouTube Music to discuss her inspirations, how it feels to be an Artist on the Rise and more. You can read the full Q&A here.