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YouTube creators The Merrell Twins and Alan Chikin Chow

Between two creators: Alan Chikin Chow and The Merrell Twins

YouTube creators The Merrell Twins and Alan Chikin Chow

While it seems like Alan Chikin Chow and The Merrell Twins are on top of their respective YouTube games, it didn't always start here on the internet. In fact, years before they started making videos on their own channels, all three dreamed of being in the film and entertainment industry. Alan went to college to study film, while the Merrell Twins both dabbled in acting, earning themselves roles on shows like Jane The Virgin before going all in on their YouTube channels. Now, with a combined followers count of more than 42 million subscribers, we bought the two parties back together after their first encounter back in 2018 when they were both early in their YouTube careers to reflect on their growth journeys and how they've inspired each other since that meetup nearly six years ago.

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Even as seasoned YouTube creators, both still had a lot of advice to give one another. "[Don't] care about what other people think," Alan says. "A lot of people get stuck and paralyzed because they're worried about what their peers will say... just create and have fun."

As for viewers who've followed both channels and are inspired to make their own content, the Twins also advise that while YouTube can be a great way to make a true living, it could hinder your own creative process or create unrealistic expectations.

"When your motivation to create content on YouTube is not in the right place and you're doing it for maybe money or fame ... obviously, everybody wants those things, but those shouldn't be the reason why you create content. It should be 'cause it's something you love doing and that is how you will succeed," Vanessa Merrell says.

"...what she said," Veronica adds.

While the creators industry can feel competitive with people fighting for the same fans and attention, Alan, Vanessa and Veronica were nothing but celebratory of one another. Watching the three of them banter is like a warm hug to your heart — see the full video below.

By the way, have you caught what movie Alan and The Merrell Twins recently appeared in together? Here's a hint: Wednesdays.

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