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22 Latin creators leaving their mark with Shorts

A look at some of our favorite rising creators across Latin America.

From comedy to gaming, the YouTuber Shorts Creator Community is building the next generation of YouTube superstars in Latin America. The Community provides Spanish speaking creators access to an array of opportunities and tools that empower creators to take their channel to the next level and make their mark on YouTube.

With their unique styles and creativity, these are just a few of the many Latin Shorts creators on YouTube who are making a name for themselves and showing how YouTube is truly the home for anyone, anywhere:

Leo Study

Guadalajara, México

Leo Study is a content creator whose main goal is to bring smiles to all his fans. He started his YouTube journey in 2021 creating art content and over time, he has expanded to sharing his daily life and partaking in challenges and all things art with his 2.2 million followers.

Polo Guerrero

Durango, México

Polo Guerrero is a 25-year-old doctor who strives to provide helpful health information and more insights into common good and bad habits in our daily lives. From video reactions to covering more specific topics around health, his channel aims to help you get more out of your day to day life.

El Argentino

Santa Fe, Argentina

El Argentino, also known as Relio, is a musician and content creator. From a very young age, he has been passionate about music. When he found himself unable to perform during the pandemic, he found a creative outlet in uploading video games. He created Shorts challenges which went viral and has since managed to surpass a million subscribers in just six months.

Today his channel has more than 2 million subscribers and more than 50 million views. He now combines his love for video games and takes his audience along the journey of discovering his music content, showing that you can continue to grow and experiment on YouTube.

Fabricio Blacutt

Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Fabricio Blacutt, better known as "Fabru Blacutt" is a 19-year-old Bolivian creator. He started his journey on social media during the pandemic as a hobby, which over time became a passion and a way for him to express himself to the world.

Creating content has given him new experiences and has helped him grow as a person. In just two years, Fabru has gained 6.97M subscribers. His content is based on communicating feelings through mostly “POV” style of storytelling. It is incredible how YouTube has changed my life in these last two years,” he says.


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Bruta Cocina is a content creator who shares relatable content by recounting situations from his daily life alongside delicious cooking recipes. He combines humor with easy recipes and an absolutely unique vocabulary, which is the essence of Bruta Cocina and the entire community he’s built, also known as “hibridos.”

Rubén Tuesta

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Reben is a 24-year-old comedian and actor who has been making waves on YouTube Shorts with his comedic skits and parody videos that showcase the experiences of a family in their day-to-day life. His unique brand of humor and relatable content has earned him 11.4 million subscribers.


Monterrey, Mexico

Rorro, also known as Dora La Perreadora, is a comedy content creator. Rorro's channel is a mix of comedy skits, parody videos and vlogs of his many characters. Whether it is a parody of a famous person or a fictional character, Rorro's videos are always entertaining and relatable.

Liza Baez

Ciudad de México, México

Liza Baez is a 23-year-old comedy content creator. In her channel you will be able to find a variety of different content, including sketches, pranks, vlogs, video reactions and much more. Her career began with short-form videos, expanding to various platforms, reaching more than 5 million subscribers on YouTube in less than a year. With her happy, witty and creative personality, Liza shows people that you can create a community and grow on YouTube by being yourself.

Susy Mouriz

Ciudad de México, México

Panamanian creator Susy Mouriz is known for her vlogs, skits and parodies on YouTube Shorts. Through her unique style, humor and personality, Susy has grown a community of close to 10 million subscribers on YouTube and has become one of the most entertaining creators on the platform in Latin America.

Yosoyjuaan Oficial

Monterrey, México

Juan Maldonado, better known as Yosoyjuaan Oficial, is a creator who loves art and imagination. He created his channel after one day envisioning a cast of colorful characters and brought them to life on Shorts. His videos recreate normal everyday life but with a unique touch of comedy. He has worked hard since he was young to fulfill his dreams and says every day he gets a bit closer to achieving them.

David Sin Fama

Sincelejo Sucre, Colombia

David Sierra, better known as David Sin Fama, is a Colombian creator who — in just 2 months — reached 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. On his channel, David performs LED light paintings where he colors flags and well known cartoons. Making his followers smile is his favorite pastime and his audience is getting bigger with every video.

Seguime Ahora

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Betiana is a 48-year-old Argentinian creator with a giant inner child! With her fun, restless and curious personality, Betina loves to entertain her 2.42 million fans on YouTube with different inventions. In her channel you will find extraordinary unboxing videos for toys and gadgets of all kinds.

Javier & Exi

Chihuahua, Mexico

Javier & Exi are two 23-year-old creators who started creating content at the age of 16 and have not stopped since. Together, they have more than 5 million followers, and got their start by recording and editing all their content on their phones on the streets of Chihuahua, Mexico.

While they still both write, record and edit all their videos, these days they sometimes get help from their friends who also often make cameos.


Bogotá, Colombia

HandlicH is a 24-year-old professional illusionist from Bogotá, Colombia. Magic has always been his greatest passion and he’s been studying it since he was 12 years old. He has had the opportunity to study with the best teachers in the world and has performed in Las Vegas and 14 European countries. He is currently dedicated to sharing his knowledge through YouTube, so that the world can see that life can be magical!

Meli Rico

Monterrey, México

Melissa Rico is a 22-year-old creator from Monterrey Nuevo León. From a very young age Melissa enjoyed creating videos and entertaining people. Her content is very varied, ranging from playing video games to comedy and unboxings. She also likes to create characters to recreate situations with which the audience can relate. The combination of content has helped Melissa grow her community on YouTube to over 3.5 million subscribers.

Luis Velody

Ciudad de México, México (Originally from Guadalajara)

From movie fan to YouTube's greatest theoretician, 20-year-old Luis Velody is dedicated to breaking down theories and mysteries of cinema and animation — both with a suspenseful and comedic approach. His intention is to create thought provoking experiences for his audience after each of his videos.

His work and his content have led him to getting invites to some of the biggest movie premieres, trips and above all, a community that supports him and with which he can discuss his passion for cinema.

El Tío Néstor

Querétaro, México

Nestor, better known as El Tio Nestor on his YouTube channel, describes himself as an optimistic, persevering person who’s passionate about what he does and tries to find the humor in all situations. Nestor began creating content at only 9 years old, and today produces parodies and comedies with the aim of making his 7.2 subscribers smile.


Saltillo Coahuila, México

Rabahrex is a gaming creator who loves sharing knowledge through fast-paced, dynamic videos. He has been creating content for more than 10 years, and making YouTube Shorts has become part of his daily life. “Consistency in content and innovation is what I consider most important to be successful in creating videos,” he says.

Ricky Limon

Monterrey, México

Ricky Limon is a creative person with an explosive personality. Ever since he was a child, he dreamed of being able to entertain people with his videos and today he is fulfilling that dream by taking his audience along on skits and challenges.


Guadalajara, Jalisco, México

Ellie is a Mexican content creator whose channel focuses on all things craft and has been creating YouTube videos for over 10 years. She started her channel as a hobby to both share what she enjoys doing while also meeting people with the same interests. As her channel grew over time, she was able to dedicate herself full time to crafting and growing her art.

Her content has evolved to include challenges, slime and squishies demos, unboxings and more. Her most popular videos are slime challenges, which she does with her brother Bruno.

Mariel Mayora

Ciudad de México, México

Mexican creator Mariel was inspired to start her YouTube channel after being diagnosed with Lupus. The inspiration for her channel came after her home was broken into and all that was left behind were some dolls made of garbage that she had made seven years prior. During the pandemic, she decided to go back and make videos with them to entertain herself. She never imagined that they would be so successful on YouTube.

“I describe myself as a passionate, creative, positive person who constantly likes to learn and improve myself. I identify a lot with my content because the characters are not perfect but their imperfections make them unique, fun and original,” she says. “I like to help others by sharing joy and positive messages through videos; educating through entertainment, and making videos the whole family can enjoy.”

Cande Copello

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cande Copello is a 22-year-old content creator from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her channel focuses on artistic makeup and unboxing videos. She has been creating content since 2017, although she says she was initially bullied for her videos, she persisted with her passion and today has grown her audience to 1.5 million subscribers.

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