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15 of Brazil's rising stars on YouTube Shorts

If you're looking for more creators to keep your eyes on this year, here are 15 rising stars to watch in 2023.

2022 has been an incredible year of growth for many creators on YouTube Shorts. Through the Shorts Creators Community, we support creators from the many different regions of Brazil by fostering connection, collaboration and learning through content inspiration sprints and various in-person and online events.

If you're looking for more creators to keep your eyes on this year, here are 15 rising stars to watch in 2023:

Juliana Aliende

Sao Paulo-SP

If there's one person who knows how to create artistic and creative makeup, it's Juliana Aliende. Her videos show everything from the makeup creation process to the interaction between characters we know and love.

The creator started her channel in 2020 and in a short time found the type of video that her audience loved: creative and unusual makeup. Her videos impress with the quality and complexity of execution, ideal for those who want to seek inspiration while having fun watching lip sync and challenges with characters and artistic makeup.


Sao Paulo-SP

Iza is a talented artist who, through her drawings and paintings, connects with the public in a unique way. Recently, Iza made a series of videos in which she transforms insecurities into artistic drawings, while giving us a positive message about acceptance.

It was through wanting to expand her passion for art that Iza decided to create her channel, where she’s able to connect through her art in a light and fun way. She says this is her biggest differential, showing her unique look through artistic expression, humor and all the sensations that this passion provokes. She not only shares artistic expressions, but uses art to share moments from her life.

Hian Grylls

Belo Horizonte, MG

If you're looking for a good laugh, then Hian's channel is right for you. There's no way not to laugh through his different characters and videos based on funny situations from our daily lives. Hian is a provocative and very unique comedy creator, focusing on relatable situations that everyone identifies with — all while adding a touch of exaggeration and a lot of sarcasm.

Check out what he told us about his favorite Short: "It was a situation that was so hilarious, that while recording I burst out laughing. It's a situation that I've experienced, and that several people can identify with."


Nova Iguacu, RJ

Matheus Mesquita puts on a show when it comes to biodiversity. In addition to reacting to curious videos related to the animal world, the creator teaches us curious facts about nature.

His style of conveying information is remarkable, with videos that's always filled with enthusiasm and good humor. If you like channels where you can learn and have fun at the same time, be sure to follow his Shorts.

Vivi Cake

Sao Paulo-SP

Is it cake??? That's an almost impossible question to answer in Vivi Cake videos.

On the channel you will meet a very talented cake designer who creates cakes in the shape of hyper realistic objects. With several viral videos and a channel that already has more than 700,000 subscribers, the creator has already participated in television programs and has numerous fans who share her content across platforms. Known as the woman who turns anything into a cake by incorporating a humorous twist, she also uses her channel to share recipes, travel tips and routine.

Nois Faria

Florianopolis, SC

Are you looking for a fun channel with trivia, skits, funny reactions and lots of memes? Then you need to meet sisters Luiza and Laura! If it's possible to sum up the channel's content in one word, it would be: versatility. On the channel you watch everything. From comedy, characters, recipes, vlogs and even curiosities. In addition, all contents are delivered with high quality video, sound and editing.


Joao Pessoa, PB

On Erijordan's channel, you'll find him telling stories, participating in skits and infusing a lot of humor into it all. Erick is a content creator from João Pessoa, has more than 200,000 subscribers. His videos mostly revolve around two characters, Mocotó and Marisco, who always get into trouble when they try to play their tricks.

In the past, Erick considered life as a YouTuber a distant dream, but everything changed in 2022 when he decided to take a bet with Shorts. Today, he says is living the dream he would never have imagined could come true in such a short time.

Sau Sampaio

Sao Paulo-SP

If you are looking for ways to improve your cooking skills, the Sau Sampaio channel is one to watch. With tips and mouth-watering recipes, the former MasterChef participant will help you in the kitchen.

His cooking incorporates gastronomic content, with both technical and informative aspect to make you feel like you're taking a class. It uses exotic but Brazilian ingredients that showcase the culture.

Dentista do Aparelho

Bethlehem, PA

It's amazing how diverse the shorts creator community is. An example of this is the Dentista do Aprendiz channel, whose channel focuses on taking care of our oral hygiene in a way that’s easy and entertaining.

The channel started when the young, new dentist, Antonio de Moraes, did not yet have many patients in his office. And as an alternative to earning money, he decided to record short videos with tips on dentistry. He is a great example of how it is possible to have a large audience even with a niche channel. Viewers are able to learn something new, have fun and satisfy their curiosity, all at the same time.


Sao Paulo-SP

On the Carolixas channel, you will find funny Shorts with trolling, challenges and much more. The couple have a lot of great videos that are recorded in a light and fun way, with ample entertainment but at the same time relating to the LGBTQIAP+ community.

The channel already has more than 500,000 subscribers who follow the couple's day-to-day life, from casual settings to hysterical moments.

Almanaque SOS

Sao Paulo-SP

You know that channel that saves you when making decisions — be it difficult or mundane? Almanac SOS is a channel that tests all whatever arouses curiosity and help us to know if they are worth your time and effort. The project aims to help all those who seek tools to improve their routine and reveals the secrets of things you might have seen floating on the web. If you've ever wondered if that unusual product you saw online works or not, Almanac SOS is the place where you can have your doubts investigated on you behalf.


Belo Horizonte, MG

ALEK, otherwise known as Alex Neto, is a super fun channel that posts fun gameplay from games like Roblox and Stumble Guys. In addition to the gameplays, the YouTuber impresses with his creativity in videos where he rhymes and plays at the same time, showing that he has talents that go beyond the world of games.

In addition, the channel is part of the 2023 class of the Black Funds Voice program, an exclusive selection of new talent created by YouTube.

Francine Monteiro

Rio de Janeiro - RJ

If it's good makeup tips you're looking for, Francine Monteiro can help. The creator is a makeup artist and eyebrow designer with videos that impress with the amount of good tips. Passionate about the world of beauty and self-care, she started on YouTube with the aim of sharing experiences testing products on black skin and teaching women how to apply makeup to feel better about their self-esteem. On the channel, you can find various topics related to beauty, makeup and self-care, self-makeup, skincare, vlogs and reviews.

Cacau Haxkar

Sao Paulo-SP

Cacau and his family record funny shorts with a lot of personality. How cool it is to have the support of your whole family recording with you?

With more than 4 million subscribers, the channel is ideal for those who want to have their hearts warmed with different challenges and videos that address various interactions with ones' family and friends.

Pedro and Paulo

Sao Paulo-SP

And to close our list in the cutest way possible, get to know the channel Pedrinho e Paulinho — the duo of kittens that make anyone fall in love. The kittens' owners say what makes the channel so special is the fact that it unites cute cats with entertainment, comedy, everyday facts and humor. And let's be honest: who can resist more adorable internet cats?