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16 standout Black Shorts creators you need to follow

This Black History Month and beyond, look to these 16 creators to keep you entertained on Shorts.

From creating trends to pushing them forward, Black creators are an instrumental part of the YouTube Shorts ecosystem. And we're happy to have them in our community — after all, 70% of creative entrepreneurs agree that they identify and feel like they have a place to belong on YouTube.

This Black History Month, we will be celebrating all the powerful and amazing content of our Black creators. These wonderful creators put their all into the content they make and inspire the masses whilst doing so.

Here are 16 standout Black Shorts creators you have to follow:

Wick’d Confections

Richmond, Texas

Wick’d Confections is a mother of two, a science teacher and a baker. She started out decorating cookies during Christmas of 2018 and shortly after competed on the Food Network's Christmas Cookie Challenge. She began her Shorts journey in June 2022, when she uploaded her viral baking content to YouTube and was excited at the amount of engagement she received. As a result of that Short, she reached her 100K subscriber milestone in under 2 weeks.


Salado, Texas

Growing up with a difficult upbringing in Mississippi, FredoOnTV always dreamed of being a YouTuber and entertaining the world. After making a name for himself as a professional dancer and athlete, he’s now mostly known for being a comedian. He used his tough childhood as fuel to push him to achieve everything he wants in life.

While he has toyed around a bit on YouTube, the channel started becoming consistent with Shorts a little over a year ago. After one of his old videos went viral, he’s been growing nonstop! Fredo quickly met his first milestone of 100,000 subs in November and is now sitting at a whopping 335,000.

Desiree Mitchell

Los Angeles, California

Desiree is an actress and singer who moved from Miami to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams. Her Shorts content is all about music, beauty and lifestyle. She’s now working on incorporating more sketch comedy into her Shorts repertoire.

King Asante

San Diego, California

King Asante creates Shorts about the most relevant moments and pop-culture and entertainment. With Shorts he’s been able to grow a community that is over 400,000 subscribers strong. He loves being a part of the Shorts creator community.

Doctor Fashion

Los Angeles, California

Doctor Fashion is a multi-hyphenate creator and a business owner who has found great success using Shorts to get the word out about her brand. On YouTube Shorts she shares crafting DIYs, fashion tutorials, business tips and the behind the scenes of her business as a way for people to get a glimpse into her day to day.

She happily reports that since posting Shorts, she's seen a direct, positive impact in revenue and viewership, which has also trickled down to her other platforms. She joins the 80% of creative entrepreneurs who agree that YouTube provides an opportunity to create content and earn money that they wouldn't get from traditional media.

Jordan Smikle

Manhattan, New York

Jordan Smikle is a 20-year-old actor, model and storyteller who enjoys making content for his Gen Z audience! His content includes acting POVs which allow his audience to explore his imagination.

His journey on Shorts hasn't been long but it’s been mighty. He’s garnered over 500,000 subscribers in under a year and is grateful to share his creativity with so many people!

Miaira Jennings

Los Angeles, California

Miaira Jennings’ impressive video content highlights sustainable fashion design and her passion for giving new life to previously owned items. She’s combined her love for video production and DIY/fashion to inspire others to create with confidence.

She’s been making YouTube videos since 2016, and has seen exponential growth since posting regularly on YouTube Shorts over the past year with over 10 million views from Shorts alone! It means a lot to her to be able to provide representation for other young Black women entrepreneurs, especially in a space like handmade and sustainable fashion, and she hopes to continue to grow and inspire the masses.

Ruba Wilson

Los Angeles, California

Ruba Wilson, a LGBTQ+ TV personality, built a community of more than 17,000 subscribers on YouTube — with content has generating well over 100 million views! From hosting gigs for People Magazine and Young Hollywood to being named one of Paper Magazine's "Most Beautiful People" Ruba is not short of any accolades. Currently Ruba just wrapped the final season of his talk show "LIT News" on NBC Peacock.

Ahliyah Michelle

San Francisco, California

Ahliyah Michelle is a beauty content creator who has been in the game for over six years. She uploaded her very first YouTube video in July of 2016 and grew to 20,000 subscribers before that year ended. Ahliyah then set her focus on being the most creative Black makeup artist in the emerging beauty guru space as she felt every basic makeup look had already been done. She wanted to spark the creativity of her viewer through her visionary beauty tutorials.


Los Angeles, California

KidRL is a proud Texas Christian University graduate with a degree in film who absolutely loves creating content that spans an incredibly wide range, from dancing to skits and even parodies. He loves entertaining, but more importantly also inspiring other Black people to do the same!

Ask Debbie About Hair

Atlanta, Georgia

Debbie Williams, more popularly known for her channel, Ask Debbie About Hair, is a hair and scalp specialist, board-certified nutritionist and health and wellness coach who specializes in educating her audience on restoring their health through natural recipes and remedies. Her journey on Shorts has allowed her to reach, teach and help more of her audience to help them live longer, fulfilling lives using food as medicine and creating healthier lifestyle habits.


Washington, DC

imuRgency is a TV, film and pop culture commentator and host. He brings over eight years of experience as a digital creator and has become an influential voice in the Gen Z entertainment space. He was previously in the YouTube #BlackVoicesFund and has a strong passion for progressing Blackness in media. He’s been posting on Shorts for over a year now and has found varying success posting show reactions.

Ginette Kofigah

Toronto, Canada

Ginette is a 20-something content creator from Toronto, Canada who delivers high-quality, fun, engaging, hair positive content to her audience of millennials. Her content focuses on sharing her healthy hair journey to enrich and empower her audience on how to style and manage their hair with confidence and ease.

Anderson Bluu

Roslyn, New York

Anderson Bluu is a graphic designer known for his sneaker designs and limited-edition artwork. He began creating art content on Youtube Shorts as a way to share his passion for drawing and painting with a wider audience. As his account grew in popularity, he gained a sizable following. Shorts has changed his life and art career by providing him with a larger audience and a new way to connect with people who share his interests like gaming, sneakers and pop culture.

Thanks to this success, Anderson has been able to transform his passion into a full-time career. He also uses his platform to support and collaborate with other artists and help to educate the art community on the business of this industry.


Hampton, Virginia

Peachyymaddi is a 24 year old active duty Air Force Veteran of half Irish, half African American descent who enjoys posting lifestyle content, DIY ideas, and budget friendly finds at her favorite stores. She seeks to empower her audience to make smart financial and environmentally conscious decisions through her series, “Boujee on a Budget.”

Ayokunle Adewuya

Houston, Texas

Ayokunle Adewuya began creating Shorts in February 2022, and has fallen in love with it ever since! He loves creating IRL (In Real Life), gaming and sports content that brings young people together.

His journey started with historical NFL content when he created high-drama versions of NFL history. As soon as he hit 50k subscribers he moved on to video game content, mostly focusing on sports games like Madden, VR sports and FIFA. At 100,000 subscribers, Ayokunle ramped up to IRL sports content playing games like football and American football. He’s gained over 160K subscribers up to date and is excited to see how his YouTube Shorts story continues to unfold.

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