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16 amazing APAHM Shorts creators you need to follow

This Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month, YouTube Shorts is proud to honor and spotlight the incredibly prolific and diverse Shorts creator community.

May marks Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, and in honor of this occasion we're highlighting the incredibly prolific and diverse Shorts creator community. All month long on YouTube, you'll see be able to watch all the creatively out-of-this-world content created by our APAHM creators. From comedy to beauty to food to art, these creators offer range, expertise and culture.

Lisa Nguyen

Kansas City, Missouri

Lisa rose to fame in 2020 with creative videos of her cooking from home during the pandemic. She continues to share engaging and relatable videos of her food adventures, gaining over 4 million subscribers and 2 billion views on YouTube in less than 2 years.

Lisa is an incredible, breakthrough Asian American food creator. She has an extremely diverse and worldwide audience that loves to see what she’ll make or try next. She was named one of YouTube's Top 15 Shorts creators in 2021. She hopes her content inspires other people to try cooking and taste foods from other cuisines.

She started her career as a food videographer who traveled to capture footage of small and family owned businesses (still one of her biggest passions!). At the beginning of the pandemic, when traveling was restricted, she shifted her focus and created her own YouTube channel to capture her cooking trial and errors and help drive customers to local restaurants who were struggling.

Alan Chikin Chow

Los Angeles, California

Alan has amassed 22 million subscribers and 13 billion views on Youtube through both Shorts and long form YouTube videos. He started creating short-form content with one goal in mind: to make his mom laugh.

He was born in Dallas, Texas, and when he moved to Los Angeles to get his bachelor's degree from University of Southern California, he would send her silly videos to keep her spirits up from the long-distance. And because English is not her first language, he has always made his Shorts non-verbal with heightened physical comedy with her in mind (a method that has, no doubt, garnered him a massive global audience.)


Los Angeles, California

SIMJIShorts is a South Korean creator, whose entertaining content revolves around rug making. SIMJIShorts draws inspiration from other girls and women who reach out and say they are inspired by her to pursue their own passions. When she makes content it feels like she’s truly standing for something and giving light to her people. It has given her the opportunity to pave her own path and have her own career.


Tampa, Florida

SoupTimmy is a Rubik's Cube content creator who not only solves weird and crazy puzzles but also turns hundreds and thousands of Rubik's cube into portraits of celebrities or popular characters. Timmy’s journey on Shorts has been an incredible one, growing and building a community of Rubik's cube lovers while making it a full-time job. SoupTimmy has said the best part has been inspiring his Asian friends to pursue entertainment as it is not popular or looked upon as a viable career option by Asian parents.

Alana Lintao

New York, New York

Alana Lintao is a content creator, student, and model based in the New York City. She is widely known among Gen Z for her short-form comedy videos. Dedicated to using her platforms to spread laughter and cheer, she hopes to continue to leave a positive impact on her audience’s lives through her content online.

Over the course of a decade of content creation, Alana has said she’s never received the support she does from the YouTube Shorts community. She’s been given a space to connect and learn from other creators and constantly receives new Shorts opportunities every week. She finds herself putting the majority of her energy and time into YouTube because of how well she can connect with her audience on both long-form and short-form content. Because of this her channel skyrocketed to 100k subscribers and she received her silver play button in January!

Chef Jon Kung

Detroit, Michigan

Jon Kung is a content creator and self-taught chef hailing from Detroit, Michigan. A self-described “Third Culture Cook,” Jon always felt like they grew up with their feet firmly planted in two different worlds and uses that as the basis of their expression. Before the Covid-19 Pandemic, the only way to experience Jon’s unique cooking and personality were at one of their private dinners and classes in Detroit.

In 2020, Jon started their career as content creator amassing a following of over 2.4 million people and tens of millions of views across their social platforms. Jon’s specialty is Chinese American cuisine, but it isn’t just about the food; it’s about using food as an entry point to their distinctive world and culinary view.

Harjit and Jaz of youtwoTV

Los Angeles, California

YouTwoTV is made up of a popular South Asian sketch-comedy duo Harjit and Jaz. They’ve been creating on YouTube since 2016 and have been posting Shorts since late 2022. The pair have been excited about their success on Shorts because it's allowed them to share their smaller and shorter ideas with their audience. In the past, these ideas would get shelved or posted on other platforms because they didn’t fit into a long form YouTube video. They love the Shorts community they’ve built and are excited to see where it takes them in the future!

Jerrica Alyssa Santos

Nashville, Tennessee

Soulful pop/R&B artist, Filipina-Canadian Jerrica Alyssa is a multi-talented singer-songwriter and dancer. Jerrica is the ultimate triple threat with strong songwriting, great production and stellar Polynesian dance moves.

Jerrica has nurtured a growing community of subscribers on YouTube of 844k, with her views totaling over 650M. She has even had a duet with one of her songwriting heroes, Ed Sheeran!

Doctor Youn

Birmingham, Michigan

Doctor Youn is a popular holistic board-certified plastic surgeon and best-selling author whose goal is to educate not only his patients but also his audience on many different surgical and non-surgical procedures by teaching them about beauty through his content. He had been a long form creator for many years, gaining over 1 million subscribers, but when Shorts launched he embraced them and has seen major growth on his channel amassing over 4 million subscribers!

Shan Rizwan

New York, New York

Shan Rizwan is a Pakistani and Filipino creator who has been creating on YouTube since 2018 and has since accumulated over 2 million followers across all social media platforms. During this period, Shan has been actively advocating for the AAPI community and hopes to use YouTube to further this message. As someone who believes in the power of representation, it has been important for him to use his platform to showcase the diverse and talented voices within the AAPI community through interviews with rising talents such as Laufey, 88rising and other up and coming Asian musicians.

He’s most known for his popular street-interview series, "What are you listening to?" as well as going on adventures with strangers to concerts and exploring their music tastes. Shan says his journey on Shorts has been one of growth and learning, and he’s grateful for the opportunities that have come his way.

Jackie Fernandez

Los Angeles, California

Jackie Fernandez, is a two-time Emmy winning TV personality and full-time content creator. She started posting comedic Shorts in 2021 and has found it to be the most nurturing and supporting creator community. Jackie says through the encouragement she’s received from the Shorts team, she has been able to monetize and grow a YouTube community which she didn't think was possible before Shorts. She’s very grateful to be part of the community as she is unapologetically Asian and an advocate for all things AAPI!

​​Heidi Wong

New York, New York

Heidi Wong is a writer, artist, and content creator. She taught herself English by reading scary stories, which transformed into her passion for both storytelling and the horror genre. She’s also currently getting her Masters of Fine Arts in Poetry at New York University.

Her journey on Shorts has been incredible. After she came back to New York following the pandemic, she was able to attend Youtube Shorts events and get to know other creators. Heidi has said she’s grateful not only for the exponential growth she’s experienced on YouTube, but also the community she’s created full of people with similar interests.

Gohar Khan

Seymour, Connecticut

Gohar Khan is an MIT grad and content creator on a mission to empower students on their journey to higher education. Since mid-2020, he has amassed 2.5M+ subscribers through YouTube Shorts and posts educational content aimed at helping students succeed in school. We even recently asked him to tell us his tricks to titling Shorts videos to maximize clicks!

Kevyn Fong

Los Angeles, California

Kevyn Fong is a content creator and writer with over a decade’s worth of experience working in the digital/social media industry. He received his bachelor's degree in Film Production at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa. After moving to Los Angeles he began producing for and managing some of YouTube’s most top-tier talent. He’s worked on the teams of Leenda D, RCLBeauty101, Joseph Vincent, Alphacat, Niki and Gabi, The RackaRacka, Fung Bros, Richie Le, Steven Lim (Watcher/Buzzfeed), TubbyNugget, Jubilee Media and many more.

Through YouTube Shorts, his own original content so far has amassed over 10 Million views. Much of his content has a specific viewpoint focusing on the intersections of the Asian-American and LGBTQIA+ experience. He’s currently working with CliqueNow while also developing both his own short form and long form original projects.


Los Angeles, California

Malvika is an Indian American model, actor and digital luxury fashion and beauty creator (120K+ across platforms) based in Los Angeles. She’s had the pleasure of being a part of the YouTube Shorts community almost since its inception. She’s served as a unique voice in the fashion space with her South Asian perspective and the influence her vibrant culture has had on her creative expression. She’s been able to build a community of individuals who appreciate makeup, fashion and self-expression, many of whom are fellow South Asians like herself! She’s even been featured in many fashion publications, including Vogue, Glamour, Harper's Bazaar, and L'Officiel.

Brandon Chen

New York, New York

Brandon Chen aka is a professional manga and webtoon creator, who focuses on creating original intellectual property. Shorts has allowed millions of readers to discover his publications, leading to him being a full-time author! His journey is about proving that you can create anime/manga (Japanese) or manhwa/webtoon (Korean) stories without being from those countries.