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10 Shorts creators on what to bring to Coachella

With Weekend 1 down, check out what these 10 creators from our YouTube Shorts Creator Community can’t live without at Coachella and their go-to tips for spending the weekend in the desert.

Coachella season is upon us and we are excited to be bringing YouTube Shorts creators with us to the festival! Coming off Weekend 1, energy was high at the festival, from music to food and fashion. As JORI MEZUDA puts it, "food and music is good fuel for the soul!"

RIZWAN was here for the music and some surprises. “As a huge Metro Boomin fan, I was so excited to finally see him perform for the first time at Coachella, and he crushed it!" he shared. "He brought out John Legend, Future, 21 Savage and The Weeknd for an epic performance that only Coachella could offer. Shoutout to YouTube Shorts for having me for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. I will definitely remember this time for the rest of my life."

Fashion was also a top highlight — officialhambly reminisces, “All the fashion was gorgeous, there were tons of unique looks. I made all my looks for [each] day and it was totally worth it.”

All in all, “Coachella did not disappoint this year!,” says Marissa Hill of ShadeTV. “I was so excited to see Blink-182 reunite and BLACKPINK live for the first time. The weather was perfect, and the art installations were a nice change from last year. Can’t wait till next year’s lineup!”

With the second weekend coming up shortly, we asked 10 creators from our YouTube Shorts Creator Community for their best tips and packing list, figuring out what they can’t live without at Coachella and their go-tos for spending the weekend in the desert.

Creator: RIZWAN

What are some trends you’re loving this festival season? I'm really loving the trend of mixing textures, patterns and color-blocking for Coachella fashion this year. Personally, I'm excited to wear this mesh top that's definitely outside of my comfort zone.

What are you most excited about at Coachella? I'm most excited about Coachella because it's an opportunity to bond with my friends over our shared love of music and create unforgettable memories together. I'm also looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends. The festival atmosphere is always so positive and inclusive, and I'm excited to be a part of that. And of course, I can't wait to try all the amazing food and interview some awesome people about their Coachella experience!

Must see artist: I'm most excited to see Frank Ocean at Coachella because he's one of my most listened to artists of all time, and I've never had the chance to see him perform live before. It's been six years since he last performed, so I'm eager to see what he has in store for this year's festival. I know his music will create a special moment that I'll never forget.

Creator: officialhambly

What are some trends you’re loving this festival season? A trend I am loving right now is the pearls make up and pearl headpieces. I love love love the look of them all, and can’t wait to see it. Another big trend that’s caught me by surprise is the hot glue makeup, I think we will see a lot of organic looking hot glue makeup that will just blow you away!

What are you most excited about at Coachella? This is my first time attending Coachella, and I could not be more excited! My absolute must haves are earplugs/headphones for a better listening experience, sunscreen to protect the skin, a phone charger so we can shop shop shop all the festival goodies and of course sunglasses! And definitely comfortable walking shoes, those are a must for any big festival event like this!

Must see artist: Obviously I am most excited to see my girl Becky G! But I am also a huge secret fan of Bad Bunny, I can’t wait to see that performance!

Creator: Dustin & Denzel

What are you most excited about at Coachella? We’re most excited to get in on the action but most importantly potentially meeting fans, supporters and other creators! We’ve never been to Coachella before but have always dreamed of attending. Growing up, watching our favorite YouTubers attend the festival, now fast forward to us being able to attend on behalf of YouTube is an absolute dream come true!

Top tips for other creators: Coachella is the perfect place to create content while having fun! Creators should be prepared to have free storage and space available for photos and videos, having a portable charger to avoid devices from running out of battery and be open to making new connections! Coachella is all about having fun and connecting together through music… let the good vibes sink in!

Must see artist: Most excited to see Bad Bunny & Burna Boy! Denz is a huge fan of Benito, he appreciates not only his eccentric music, but also his style and confidence! Dustin is the African Giant’s #1 fan… he has not stopped playing his album since it dropped last summer of 2022!

Creator : ShadeTV

What are some trends you’re loving this festival season? I expect to see a lot of sequins but one trend this year that I will be on is bright and bold colors. Coachella is the perfect time to stand out with color. It's a great time to be a flower child, but a glam one.

Top tips for creators: Capture moments and things you want to see, but don't forget why you're there. You're there for the music and for the experience. Have fun and don't be afraid to put the phone down. For attendees, same thing - except I'd say to plan more - especially if you are a first timer. Aside from the obvious logistics to plan to get to the festival, it's important to sort out ticket and pass pick-ups and the exact times that the acts you want to see come on. Coachella mostly sticks to the time schedule given.

Must see artist: A lot this year. For sure, Bad Bunny and BLACKPINK, but also some legends like Blondie who I've never seen live even, though I (and probably you) know so many of their songs.


What are some trends you’re loving this festival season? I love outfits that have fringes. In my opinion, it feels like a classic original to wear to Coachella.

What are you most excited about at Coachella? I am super excited to try the food at the "Outstanding in the Field" because I have never experienced a sit down eat from other chefs at a festival. I would love to experience this!

Must See Artist: I am excited to see Calvin Harris because I grew up listening to his music. I love how he sings in his tracks and DJs. He inspires me!

Creator : Horchata Soto

What are some trends you’re loving this festival season? The bad bunny sun hats!!!

What are you most excited about at Coachella?: Seeing all of my favorite artists and enjoying all the food! I love hearing live music and a festival environment is unbeatable. Also, I’m looking forward to trying and filming my food experience at Coachella!

Must See Artist: I’m most excited to see Calvin Harris!! Ever since I was a kid, I loved his music and he was my childhood. I’m so excited to hear all of his hits and see the visuals for his show.

Creator : zoeunlimited

What are some trends you’re loving this festival season? Anything above and beyond what can be found on the street! I love how Coachella, like Halloween, is a rare opportunity for people to go all out and express a creative side of themselves!

What are you most excited about at Coachella?: So excited to be inspired by the creativity and energy of the artists and crowds! I can’t wait to see the outfits picked by everyone attending! It’s always an eye-opener.

Must See Artist: Ashnikko and BLACKPINK! They are artists with so much powerful energy and bold attitudes.

Creator: Iamdices

What are some trends you’re loving this festival season? Summer time shorts and bucket hats!

What are you most excited about at Coachella?: To see my favorite artist and travel to the California desert!

Must see artist: Frank Ocean, never seen him perform before!

Creator : Sophie Fergi

What are some trends you’re loving this festival season? I’m going with a denim and camo theme with a lot of sparkles!

Top tips for other creators: Stay hydrated, make sure you have comfortable shoes, and don't forget the sunscreen!

Must see artist: Calvin Harris - just love him!

Creator : Irving Lambert

Must haves at Coachella: Running shoes to be comfortable to walk around. Lots of water because it’s a desert and it gets hot. Air tags if you lose a key or wallet. Also, a coat for the nights - the desert gets cold!

What are you most excited about at Coachella?: I’m excited for the experience! I’ve never been to a big festival like this! I heard so much about how fun it is.

Must see artist: Burna boy! I’m a Caribbean myself and got to support! Love his music.