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YouTube User Gatherings

By The YouTube Team

Imagine hanging out in "real life" with friends and personalities you've met here on YouTube. Ambitious users have been getting together and creating user gatherings for some time now. These events began as small groups of only a few users collaborating on videos and have since evolved into larger organized events like 'As One' (Los Angeles & San Francisco), '777' (New York & Berlin) and the upcoming 'DCTube' (9/8/07) and 'SouthTube' (Marietta, GA 9/22/07 - 9/23/07) gatherings. The fact that these events exist shows exactly how real the YouTube community is. Take a look at this footage from previous YouTube gatherings and what’s in store for upcoming events:

We've been following the progression of these meet-ups and are impressed with what everyone has contributed toward making them an inspiring experience for all who have attended. Since you, the YouTube community, have organized and maintained them completely up to this point, we'd like to get an idea of how everyone feels about these and what your vision might be for any future gatherings. For example...

• What are a few things you enjoy most about the general concept?

• Is there anything you don't necessarily like about the previous/any upcoming gatherings?

• How many gatherings a year do you think is a good number total, and how many do you think you'd probably attend if given a good amount of notice?

• How would you like YouTube to support these meet-ups?

We encourage you to post a comment on this blog or a response to this video offering your feedback.

Thanks in advance,

The YouTube Team