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YouTube Town Hall: Congress Answers Your Questions

By Will Houghteling

Product Marketing Manager

Over the past month people around the world watched members of Congress answer YouTube Town Hall questions about trade with China, the path to a balanced budget, and U.S. manufacturing. October’s five highest voted videos include a diverse array of answers from Senators and Representatives on both sides of the aisle:

With campaign season heating up, political energy is in the air and this month proved to be amongst the busiest yet on the YouTube Town Hall - you all asked Conress over 1,000 questions in October, twice as many as in any other month. Today we’re launching a new round of Congressional videos answering two of this month’s top-voted questions:

Visit the YouTube Town Hall now to watch members of Congress answer these questions and then vote on the answers you most agree with!

  1. GOVERNANCE: Why has partisan bickering taken hold in Congress? Compromise is necessary for the benefit of the American people. Do you have to always vote along party lines? Can we learn to compromise again?
  2. ECONOMY: What do you think about the Wall Street protests?