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YouTube Summer School, Session 3: Mathematics

By Mandy Albanese

Communications Associate

Welcome back, life-long learners! We’re in our third week here at YouTube Summer School and today we’re shifting gears again. After our lovely stroll through the art gallery of YouTube EDU, we’re headed to the hall of mathematics and will be crunching numbers for the next week.

Ever have any trouble with algebra, geometry, calculus or trig-a-what? For some, putting numbers in their place isn’t as easy as Captain Picard makes it look. Sometimes we simply can’t “make it so” without a little help. That’s why we’ve scoured through YouTube EDU to find what professors from top universities around the globe are teaching about everything from differential equations to probalistic aggregation studies (try saying that 10 times fast!).

And to review what we covered last week, take a minute to test yourself with the following questions. If you know the answers, let us know in the comments below (please note comments are moderated due to spam). We’re on the lookout for our “Grade A” students!

1) What color house did Frida Kahlo grow up in?
2) Malaquias Montoya, professor of Chicano studies and art history at the University of California in Davis, is known for what item of unique clothing?
3) The African art exhibit in the Valparaiso University Brauer Museum is from what century?

Until next week!