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YouTube Summer School, Session 2: Art

By Mandy Albanese

Communications Associate

Alright, alright...settle down, class. It’s time for another session of YouTube Summer School.

You’ll remember that the semester started last week with a deep-dive into physics; now we’re on to a loftier subject -- art! Our educational platform, YouTube EDU, brings world-class art lessons from esteemed professors right to your desktop. So whether you’re simply curious about drawing techniques and portraits, or looking to learn more about new forms of art, take a look at this playlist for a sampling of art videos on the site. Topics range from making comics to surveying Roman architecture:

We can’t promise you’ll be the next Bob Ross after watching these, but we can guarantee videos like this will be available anytime you’re in an artsy mood, and will continue to grow as our university partners add new content.

And just to review what was covered last time, take this pop quiz on some of the material covered in videos in our physics module. Please list your responses in the comments below (please note comments are moderated due to spam). At the end of the semester, we’ll crown some of our “Grade A” students.

1. According to Professor Walter H.G. Lewin at MIT, are you taller standing up or laying down?
2. What is the name of University of Minnesota’s wide receiver that got hit with 10.78 Gs of force when he scored a touchdown against UC Berkeley?
3. A vacuum uses the power of 8-10 horses. A plane taking off uses the power of 100,000 horses. On a typical day, the world uses how many “horses”?

OK, class dismissed!