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YouTube Summer School, Session 1: Matter & Motion

By Mandy Albanese

Communications Associate

School’s out for summer, but around here we’re (nerd alert) still pretty excited about numbers, facts and learning in general. And it looks like we’re not alone. More than half a million people are now subscribed to YouTube EDU channels, and since October 2009 we’ve seen a 77% jump in channels and an 89% jump in videos on the educational platform.

While summer often provides a welcome respite for students, we know that some are looking for ways to keep their brains active over the break. If you want to keep those math formulas fresh and foreign languages top-of-mind, this could be the stuff that gives you a leg up on the non-YouTubers in your class come the fall. Since we want nothing more than to help you rule the world, we are creating playlists, by topic, of the videos you might want to watch to get ahead of the curve. Each week, we’ll post a new playlist to the blog and the YouTube channel. Think of it as a mini virtual summer school, but without the research papers and early-morning start times.

First up, class, we’re focusing on physics, the study of matter and its motion through space and time. This playlist has everything from Einstein’s general theory of relativity to physics of football:

Next week, we’ll feature must-see videos about art. And throughout our little summer school, do let us know if or how EDU has made an impact on your life, whether in school or achieving your dreams overall. Please leave a comment below (but note: comments are moderated due to spam). We’d love to hear about your experiences in online education.

Class dismissed!