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YouTube Spreads Holiday Cheer: Find and Watch Your Favorite Videos --in HD -- Right Here!

By The YouTube Team

">From October's announcement of full-length TV
to early December's HD player launch, we've invested a lot to make your YouTube experience an entertaining and enjoyable one. With your help we have transformed YouTube into a place where anyone can dialogue with Queen Rania, learn how to cook from bite-size "Food Network" videos, and enjoy full-length classic TV shows -- all on a single platform. With thousands of partners and a seemingly infinite diversity of content on YouTube, we realize searching for and finding videos that matter most to you is a priority. That's why today we're testing three new entertainment landing pages --, ">, & "> Browse the "> page to see rising music videos as well as major label and indie-specific playlists. If you're feeling newsy, check out the tab to view breaking stories around the world and the latest Google News video hits. Or visit to find full-length films from MGM, Lionsgate, Cinetic Media, Documentary Channel, IndieFlix, Image Entertainment and more!

Today also marks the expansion of our HD player and HD search. Now if you select the "watch in HD" option below any HD-enabled video, that video will automatically play in widescreen. (To see new widescreen HD player in action, watch the video below.) You can also conduct a search for HD videos only by selecting the new "HD" option under the Videos tab.

Rounding out today's yuletide offerings is our expanded e-Commerce platform. Through e-Commerce, YouTubers in the United States can click-to-buy DVDs on related to the movies, TV shows, and other videos they're watching on YouTube. We're also taking our first steps to roll this out internationally, so starting today anyone in the UK will be able to download songs from Apple's iTunes UK store ( directly from related YouTube music videos. Over the coming weeks and months, we will continue to add retail links to our library of music videos and movies, including any videos claimed by partners through our content identification and management system. 

Happy holidays and, as always, have fun watching!

The YouTube Team