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YouTube Space Los Angeles: where creators learn, share, and create.

By Kathleen Grace

Manager of Production And Programming, YouTube Space La

At YouTube we're only as successful as you, our creators. From our NextUp series and the launch of a new home page focused on your channels, to funding a small group of original channels, our goal remains the same: to help all our creators build big audiences on YouTube.

That’s why we’re thrilled today to announce the opening of YouTube Space Los Angeles -- our flagship collaboration and production facility built for the exclusive use of YouTube partners.  

The Space, a 41,000 square foot former helicopter hangar in Playa Vista, is a place where established and emerging creators from our Partner program can work together to cultivate big ideas and ambitious ways to tell their stories. And like the YouTube Space London, YouTube doesn’t charge you any fees for use of the Space or the production equipment that’s housed there.

At the YouTube Space LA creators can:  

  • Learn: From training programs and workshops to master classes, there are plenty of opportunities to get hands-on experience from industry leaders.
  • Share: Attend events, meet fellow creators, spark new ideas and share your favorite ways to use YouTube.
  • Create: This is your space to bring your stories to life. You’ll have access to a variety of resources, including two production stages, a recording studio, three green screen rooms, a motion capture studio, a screening room, collaboration spaces, a backlot equipment room with cameras, lights, mics and grip equipment available for checkout, and more. Production access is on an application basis, open to YouTube creators who qualify. 

Watch this video for an inside look at the Space: 

Find more creator resources at and learn more about the YouTube Spaces in Los Angeles and London at

Want to be part of the Winter Creator Class at YouTube Space LA?  Submit your application for the class here by December 3.