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YouTube Space @ Instituto Criar welcomes creators in Brazil

By Alvaro Paes de Barros

Director of Content Partnerships For YouTube

Brazilians form one of the world’s most vibrant YouTube communities. They produce content for passionate audiences in a country where online consumption is amongst the highest in the world. To support this incredible community of YouTube creators and foster the next generation of Brazilian talent, the YouTube Space team has partnered with Instituto Criar to bring a YouTube Space to São Paulo.

Instituto Criar is an incredible non profit organization founded ten years ago by Luciano Huck that educates young students from low income families in film production. Through this partnership, all of the NGO’s students, as well as Brazil’s most talented YouTube creators, will have free access to high end audio, visual and editing equipment, in addition to training programs, workshops and courses.

This collaboration follows in the footsteps of our YouTube Spaces in Los Angeles, London, Tokyo and most recently, New York City. Since the first Space was launched in 2012, more than 30,000 people around the world have attended over 450 workshops and over 6,000 videos have been created; garnering over 750 million views.

Like all of our production facilities, YouTube Space @ Instituto Criar will be a place where creators can collaborate, innovate and experiment with new content for audiences around the world to watch and love. It’ll also offer opportunities to:

  • Learn: From training programs and workshops to master classes, there are opportunities to get hands-on experience from industry leaders, and learn to use high end production equipment, production techniques, and YouTube best practices.
  • Connect: Attend events, meet fellow creators, spark new ideas and share experiences on how to succeed on YouTube. 
  • Create: This is a space for creators to bring stories to life. They’ll have access, for free, to a studio and all the latest audio, visual and editing equipment that will enable them to experiment and create great videos that fans will love. 

Along with Google’s Engineering Center in Belo Horizonte and the upcoming Campus in São Paulo, YouTube Space @ Instituto Criar is another way for Google to help foster creativity, entrepreneurship and partnership with top organizations in the country. It’s amazing to see what creators have already been producing and we are excited to see what is coming next.