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YouTube Rep of the Week Asks: "Where Should The Money Go?"

By Ramya Raghavan

YouTube News and Politics

As Congress considers this year's budget and the many areas that require funding -- health care, education, defense, the stimulus -- they're going to have some tough choices to make due to the economic crisis. That's why this week's Representative of the Week. , Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH), wants your input as to what Congress's budget priorities should be:

You can visit the YouTube House Hub now to offer your budget suggestions to Congressman Ryan. In addition, our Senator of the Week Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) has a video up on the Senate Hub, asking for your ideas on how to improve national service in the United States:

Last week, the Senate passed the Serve America Act, which calls for the most significant expansion of our national service programs in 16 years. Do you think national service should be a major priority for the country? Will it help our economy grow stronger? Make your voice heard now at


Ramya Raghavan