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YouTube Partner Program: Now in the UK

By The YouTube Team

When we announced the expansion of the YouTube Partner Program late last year, our goal was to offer some of the most popular and prolific original content creators in the YouTube community an easy way to generate revenue from their videos on the site. (For a quick recap of how the program works, see our previous blog post.)

Like the Internet itself, the YouTube community crosses borders and cultural boundaries. As part of our ongoing plan to reflect international user contribution to our service -- we've already localized our service for 18 countries -- we're excited to announce that once again we are expanding the YouTube Partner Program, this time by rolling out the program internationally. First stop, the United Kingdom. Now anyone living in the UK can apply to become a partner at

The program has grown significantly since its initial launch, with millions of video views each day earning revenue for our partners. We look forward to bringing the YouTube Partner Program to more international users in the near future. To where will we expand next? Stay tuned…

The YouTube Team