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YouTube now local in Chile through

By Alejandra Bonati

Communications And Public Affairs Manager, Google Chile

Latin America is a melting pot, full of talented and witty people, and Chile is no exception. Traditionally known as a country of poets and wine, Chile is also home to many people coming to YouTube to entertain and be entertained. For that and so many other reasons, we’re very excited that now Chile joins the nations with a local version of YouTube.

Chile joins the group of 40 countries around the world with a local version of YouTube, the fifth in Latin America with Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Colombia.

Having a hometown version of the site makes finding and sharing local channels easier through charts and trending videos, and it also makes discovering new videos more relevant for Chileans on the local version. It also gives more visibility to local channels as Chileans subscribe and favorite new videos.

Because of its geography, Chile has varied cultures and customs, and we hope you enjoy seeing how they connect through YouTube. Some examples we’ve seen already are the work of Puntaje Nacional, a channel that prepares students to get into college, or the ironic humor of Soy Germán.

We’re looking forward to see the rich content that will be discovered and shared through YouTube Chile, and hope you enjoy it too. We’ll soon see how YouTube Chile takes flavor and color, like its world-renowned wines the local team is celebrating with right now!