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NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube and YouTube TV

Want the best viewing experience on YouTube this NFL season? Here’s how.

The NFL season is officially into week two and by now, you’ve heard that NFL Sunday Ticket is on YouTube. That’s probably enough to have you celebrating in the endzone but there’s even more football goodness to be excited about on YouTube this season. From pre and post-game commentary from your favorite creators, features that are sure to impress at your watch parties and a variety of subscription options, here’s how to get set up on YouTube for the best viewing experience ever this NFL season.

1. Get NFL Sunday Ticket

Let’s kick off by breaking down NFL Sunday Ticket. When you subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket and YouTube TV, you will have access to every Sunday game, including local, national, and out-of-market games, in addition to 100+ live channels. You can get NFL Sunday Ticket, the premium NFL subscription product, one of two ways: as an add-on to a YouTube TV subscription or as a stand alone through Primetime Channels on the main YouTube app. It’s super easy…

If you’re already subscribed to YouTube TV, start by going to and opening your membership page in Settings. Select “add” next to the NFL Sunday Ticket plan you’re interested in and you’re all set!

To subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket without the YouTube TV Base Plan, go to the NFL’s Official YouTube page and click “Get NFL Sunday Ticket” then “Watch directly on YouTube.” Set up your payment and that’s it! You can now watch out-of-market Sunday afternoon games through YouTube Primetime Channels, directly on the YouTube app or the main YouTube site.

Your plan is flexible no matter which way you buy, so you can access your NFL Sunday Ticket membership on both YouTube TV and YouTube Primetime Channels. With either option, you can share your membership with up to 5 family members in your household for no extra cost, just select “Family Sharing” in Settings and send them an invitation via text or email. On YouTube Primetime Channels, eligible students can subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket with the Student Plan. Student Plans don’t include family sharing, and only include one signed-in device and one concurrent stream at a time.

With NFL RedZone, you can tune in for replays of the biggest plays and footage of every touchdown from every Sunday afternoon regular season game.

2. Add NFL Redzone

So that’s the basics for NFL Sunday Ticket, but this isn’t just a sign up tutorial. We promised the best viewing experience ever this season! If you’re really looking to stay up to date and catch every touchdown, sign up for NFL RedZone, available as a bundle when you purchase NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV or through YouTube Primetime Channels. With NFL RedZone, you can tune in for replays of the biggest plays and footage of every touchdown from every Sunday afternoon regular season game.

YouTube Sunday Ticket multiview

3. Get to know all the best features

Whether you choose to watch on YouTube TV or through the main YouTube site, we have a lot of features to up your viewing game. Before jumping into the live game, get caught up on key plays. Watch up to two, three, or even four games at once with multiview. Access unlimited DVR on YouTube TV or participate in polls and live chats directly on YouTube. More than just watching the games, this is your chance to stay informed and get involved.

4. Watch official league content right on YouTube

The official NFL channel on YouTube is great for a lot more than just signing up for NFL Sunday Ticket. Once there, you can find videos, podcasts, polls, merch…the list goes on. Starting this season you’ll even be able to watch real-time highlights in Shorts, both in feed and on the channel page! When watching a highlight in Shorts, you’ll notice a red “Live” ring around the channel avatar. Click it and you’ll be directed to the NFL channel’s live tab where you can jump right into NFL Sunday Ticket games. If you’re looking to learn more about the NFL or a particular team, you can visit their official channels and hear from them directly.

5. Watch commentary from your favorite creators

We wouldn’t be YouTube if we didn’t plug our creators. Can you blame us? Community is the best part of football season! Nerd out among your fellow fans with interviews, behind-the-scenes access, breakdowns, Shorts commentary and long-form deep dives. Content will be ramping up throughout the season, so turn on notifications to be immediately notified when

Katie Feeney shares her game day reactions or Jordan Howlett posts a stadium food review. Just open your favorite channel’s page, make sure you’re subscribed and hit the bell icon.

If you don’t have a favorite channel for updates yet, check out #nfl. You can even post a Short on your own and join in on the conversation. Let’s get ready for kickoff!