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YouTube Next Comic to Bring More LOLs to a Screen Near You

By Austin Lau

Global YouTube Creator Programs

Laughter truly is the best medicine. Over the last seven years, YouTube has injected viewers around the world with daily doses of ha-ha’s, tee-hee’s, even sometimes inducing ROFL-ing.

Laughter is also a universal language, transcending borders and languages to turn frowns worldwide upside down. Be it documentations of fails of epic proportions, a farcical original music video, a skit that spawns a hilarious internet-sweeping meme, or the all-too-often zany animal serving as the butt of a joke, there is no shortage of comedic content on YouTube.

Creators spanning all types and genres of comedy have found success on YouTube, and we want to keep the laughs flowing freely around this wacky world! To that end, we’re excited to announce our latest Next Creator program focused on comedy channels: YouTube Next Comic.

The YouTube Next Comic program is designed to help motivated YouTube creators better develop their channels and content, build even larger audiences, and hone technical skills that will lead to long-term and sustained success on the platform. Whether your forté is sketch comedy, stand-up, parodies, pranking, awkward moments and epic fails, pet-inspired shenanigans, humorous vlogging and commentary, or any other indefinable laugh-generating genre, we want YOU! Since launching Next Up and Next Creator, over 147 creators from 13 countries have participated in the programs, resulting in over 9,000 new videos and 327 million new views. And that’s no laughing matter!

Applications are now open for 16 up-and-coming comedy channels to take it to the next level as a YouTube Next Comic. Each comic will be part of a series of educational workshops held on Google+ Hangouts, receive $5,000 worth of video equipment, and $10,000 worth of promotion on YouTube. Next Comics will also receive mentoring from those who know comedic video best, including the pros of laugh out loud (and awkward) moments, CollegeHumor, one of the most-subscribed comedy channels on YouTube. Deadlines for applications are Friday, July 13th. No pun intended.

YouTube creators from Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States are eligible. Apply online today if you think you have what it takes to make us (and the world) burst into loud guffaws on the reg. Check back in on July 30, when we introduce you to the 16 YouTube Next Comics, which will no doubt be a real hoot.

The 16 Next Comics will attend educational workshops aimed at helping them grow larger, more engaged audiences. One way that all of you can do this is by promoting your content. We’re experimenting with tools that will help all partners more effectively promote their channels. To do this, send us trailers highlighting your channels that we can use to help you reach new viewers. Visit to learn more and submit a trailer for potential promotion across the Google Display Network.