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YouTube Nation: Discover something great, every day

By Kevin Allocca

Global Director of Culture & Trends, YouTube

One of our favorite things about YouTube is that "Oh Man!" moment when you stumble across that cool new channel you've never heard of, or that awesome video from the other side of the planet you know everyone's going to be talking about tomorrow.

Now there's a new way to connect with all those videos, people and stories. Launching today from DreamWorks Animation, YouTube Nation is a new daily web show on YouTube -- with new episodes every day at 6 p.m. PT/ 9 p.m. ET. Hosted by Jacob Soboroff, the show is made by a team of creators, producers, and video nerds who can’t wait to talk about all that amazingness with you. Check out episode one right here:

YouTube Nation is a channel focused on helping you discover great creators and channels through daily videos and playlists. And we need your help to do it, too! Jacob and the team want to hear from you with your favorite videos, top picks and recommendations on what to feature -- let us know what you’re loving right now.

We come to YouTube to laugh, to learn, and to be inspired, to discover what's new and to dive deeper into what we already know we love. People are making and sharing so many amazing things each day it blows our minds. YouTube Nation is about sharing that feeling with all of you.

Hope you come by and subscribe!